Higher levels of thyroid hormone increases risk of heart diseases in older adults

Most of the adults who are having higher levels of a thyroid hormone are exactly more likely to suffer from artery disease and consequently, it leads to death said researchers.

Higher level of FT4 exhibit more risk of heart disease in older adults
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Most of the adults who are having higher levels of thyroid hormone are more likely to suffer from artery diseases, said researchers.

The thyroid gland produces a certain hormone called free thyroxin (FT4). This hormone helps to regulate the speed at which the body makes use of energy.

In the study, researchers discovered that older adults with a higher level of FT4, have remarkably high chances of having coronary artery calcification scores, which is a specific indicator of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a process of continuous thickening and hardening of the layers of the wall of arteries due to the accumulation of more fat on the inner lining.

"We expected that thyroid function would influence the risk of developing atherosclerosis by affecting cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure," said lead author Arjola Bano, from the University of Erasmus, Netherland.

"However, our results remained very similar after accounting for several cardiovascular risk factors," said Arjola.

Moreover, the study explained that increased levels of FT4 are directly associated with 87 percent more of atherosclerosis-related cardiovascular diseases.

"Our findings suggest that thyroid hormone FT4 measurement can help identify individuals at increased risk of atherosclerosis," he said.

The team of researchers reviewed the analyzed data from 9,420 participants in the study, all belonging to an average age group of 65.

The team viewed the data concerning two types of hormone: thyroid- stimulating hormone and thyroxine and how they are associated with atherosclerosis and cerebrovascular-related diseases.

According to the study published in the Journal Circulation Research, elderly people having higher levels of thyroid hormone are more susceptible to heart diseases. However, fluctuating levels of thyroid hormone can be maintained if there are proper nutrients in regular diets.

Iodine is believed to be the most important factor to bring forth proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Deficiency of iodine may even cause goiter. Consumption of iodized salt, therefore, becomes necessary.