Higher Calling for Rex Teo, CEO of Upstairs being appointed Ambassador of Asia Blockchain Association

Rex Teo

The Asia Blockchain Association (ABA) appointed Rex Teo as their ambassador officially as of 1st October 2022. ABA aims and objectives are to act as the representative for blockchain companies in Singapore and Southeast Asia by connecting with regulatory bodies and enterprises, engaging the general public in utilizing blockchain for both finance and the emerging industries, and providing training programs to this group of companies to facilitate growth in the region. In this case, the presence of Rex Teo, being the Co-founder and CEO of Upstairs seems to be just the right fit.

A simple beginning to a leading industry leader

Rex Teo is gaining traction as one of the most influential people in the NFT space. His previous success of Mutant Ape Kids Club and Bored Ape Teen Club has propelled himself toward a leader in this field, especially in the Asia Region. He dwelled more towards blockchain and crypto space nowaday as he is leading Asia first Custodial NFT marketplace, Upstairs. As an entrepreneur, he is interested in cryptocurrencies and believes they have significant potential. He has been coding since his early days and is fascinated by crypto.

His thoughts on Blockchain

It is quite clear that most in the blockchain space have different ways of approaching the blockchain, what we must do is strive collaboratively. This is the key for blockchain development. Regardless of its stablecoins, DeFi, Lending Protocol, NFT, exchange or any other services. While we all wanted to progress in our own way, but the future is moving forward by offering a full deck of financial services through blockchain together

On being appointed Ambassador of ABA

Fairly speaking, I would like to thank ABA for their confidence and trust. I have always thought that it was a privilege to be able to work for an international organization. To have the opportunity to serve as Ambassador is an additional privilege. Above all, it provides an extraordinary opportunity to meet and to interact with many remarkable people from many different cultures and walks of life.

It is an honor and a privilege to be working amongst the like-minded colleagues in ABA. I hope to do my best for ABA as I hope that my expertise and knowledge can bring blockchain development in Asia to a higher level.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rex-teo/