The High-Ticket Client Guy: Meet The Real Man Behind The Name


Entrepreneur and marketing expert Douglas James is known as "The High-Ticket Client Guy" for his ability to help entrepreneurs grow their business by landing high-ticket clients. Through a mix of digital marketing, lead generation, and online coaching, James has helped thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs to live their dream lives. But behind the catchy nickname is a real man, a husband, and father who wants to help other entrepreneurs gain the same financial freedom he has. A core component in building trust among his clients is transparency, which is why James is open and real about his personal story and family life.

James met his wife Sonia while she was managing an Ulta beauty store. Her nerves caused her to sell him the wrong body cream, one that would trigger an allergic reaction that sent him to the ER. Despite the mishap, James came back for her number. "You know what they say if you don't kill them, marry them," laughs Sonia.

James proposed at a surprise birthday party he planned for Sonia in front of all their friends and family. He shut down the entire Armani Emporio, flew out a designer from Italy, and hosted a runway show before getting down on one knee. It was that morning he decided to propose, buying the ring a mere 3 hours before the event.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions he ever made because according to James, he wouldn't be where he is today without the support of Sonia, who was his girlfriend at the time. "I think that a lot of dreams and a lot of opportunities are shut down that way," he says. He started his online business while serving in the military, and although the investment he needed was a large one, Sonia trusted him despite her apprehension. "It was either going to be a lesson or a blessing, but it turned into something I couldn't have even begun to imagine," she says. "We did go through some really hard moments but all the while I was still very supportive and gave him the space to do what he needed to do."

The success of his online business has afforded the couple the financial freedom to travel, follow their dreams, and provide for their daughter Camila, who they describe as the biggest gift they've ever received. "It's made being a mom so much easier. Not having to worry about whether or not you can provide for your child is just a huge weight off your shoulders that I don't think any woman should ever experience," she says.

James's role as a husband and father is why he wants to help other entrepreneurs reach the same level of success and security. What James is most grateful for is the time and freedom his business affords him. "It's allowed me to be home with my family and see my girl grow up. My office is literally 30 feet from where I sleep. I can just walk out of my office any time I want and see my baby playing in the living room," he says "It's a huge blessing to be a part of all those moments."

Sonia has seen firsthand how her husband's online business has made real, concrete changes to not just their lives, but the lives of his customers. "One of the things I'm most proud of is all of the success stories he's created through his coaching program and really transforming lives in the process," she says. "I am most proud of the people he's helped, seeing some of these stories from the students where they're now making thousands of dollars a month and going from really challenging places to abundance. I think it's incredible."

This article was first published on October 21, 2020