High spirits in air: Swiss woman deplaned after throwing tantrums for more champagne

A Swiss woman's cravings for champagne resulted in her getting deplaned from a Zurich-bound flight after she threw tantrums as the crew refused to serve her more champagne.

Champagne, Sparkling wine
Champagne, Sparkling wine pixabay

A Swiss woman's cravings for champagne resulted in her getting deplaned from a Zurich-bound flight and fined EUR 5,000. The passengers are now facing a possibility of paying the additional cost incurred by the airlines to make the unscheduled stop.

The 44-year-old woman was flying Business class from Moscow to Zurich. Reportedly, she had been asking for wine ever since the flight took off. After serving her for a few times, the crew refused to heed her demands for more wine. This caused the woman to lose her temper, resulting in tantrums mid-air.

She started pacing up and down the length of the plane, even resorting to pulling an air hostess by her wrist to demand for more alcohol. When the crew realised that the situation was getting out of control, they made the decision to make an emergency landing at Stuttgart Airport to expel the troublemaker from the plane.

As soon as the plane landed at Stuttgart, the crew called the police who escorted her off the aircraft and slapped her a fine of 5,000 Euros, reported Russia Today. The cost of landing the plane abruptly is around tens of thousands of Euros, which the passengers might now have to pay.

The authorities have admitted that there was no real danger for the 43 passengers who were traveling on the flight alongside the Swiss woman. However, they decided not to take any risks and landed the plane after the woman started throwing a tantrum.

Meanwhile, a London-bound British Airways flight from Mumbai had to make an emergency landing at Baku, Azerbaijan's capital, as its first class cabin got filled with smoke due to technical issues. It had 135 passengers and 17 crew members.

Another such incident occurred in the US a few days ago when a plane had to land unscheduled as its passengers needed to use the bathroom. All the toilets of the Boeing 757 aircraft were full, following which passengers reported that they needed to visit the washroom urgently. No other choice was left other than calling for an emergency landing.