Hidden Camera Found in Women's Bathroom in KBS Building, Gag Concert Cast Caught Off Guard?

When the camera was found, the cast and crew of the Gag Concert show were rehearsing

A hidden camera was found in the KBS building in in Yeongu-dong, South Korea. Wikipedia

A hidden camera was found inside the women's bathroom at South Korea's public broadcast channel KBS. The cast and crew of Korean reality TV show Gag Concert was rehearsing before the show when the hidden camera was found.

The camera was hidden in the bathroom on the fourth floor of the KBS building situated in Yeongu Dong, South Korea. A program director (PD) noticed the camera and informed the administration. Immediately police were called in and they have launched a probe.

Gag Concert, also known as Gag Con, is Korea's oldest comedy show that is still running. The first episode of the show was aired in September 1999. The show is recorded in the building on Wednesdays and aired on KBS 2TV on Sundays. Before the program is shot, rehearsals also take place in the KBS building.

The bathroom where the hidden camera was found is used by the staff of the Gag Concert show including staff, PDs and writers. It is also used by celebrities appearing in the show. The CCTV footage is being examined to identify the person who installed the CCTV camera. So far, the police have not got any clue in the case.

Blind Spots Posing Challenge to Investigation

The initial probe has revealed that the floor plan of KBS is not easy for anyone to access and install a hidden camera inside the bathroom without anyone noticing. Police are of the opinion that this is the work of a person who knows the building quite well.

It is not sure if any footage from the hidden camera installed in the bathroom has been used so far. The device, which has since been removed, looks like a portable external battery. The investigation is likely to take some time as there is no camera installed at the entrance to the restroom or at the corridor.

It is a challenge to find out who entered the bathroom with the device. As rehearsals take place regularly, many people including staff and celebrities use the restroom. The suspect will be booked under relevant sections that deal with sexual crimes.

KBS to Take Steps to Tighten Security Measures

KBS has said it will fully cooperate with the police investigation. The incident might make celebrities hesitate to rehearse or shoot in the building. The public broadcaster has assured that necessary steps will be taken to see that such an incident doesn't happen again.

If the case is not solved soon, it might prove to be a problem as celebrities might consider this as a breach of their privacy and the show might be affected. The staff who use the bathroom are also at risk of their privacy being breached if any footage has been used so far.