Hezbollah Can Fire 2,000 Rockets Into Israel Every Day if a War Breaks Out - IDF General

The Hezbollah in Lebanon will rain down as many as 2,000 rockets and missiles every day on Israel if a war breaks out between the two in future, a top Israeli official has said.

Home Front Command Major General Uri Gordin said on Monday that Hezbollah will be able to challenge Israel's military and civil defense capabilities in a future war. He was speaking at the B'Sheva Conference in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Hezbollah Has 150,000 Rockets

According to Israeli estimates, Hezbollah has approximately 150,000 rockets and missiles in its arsenal. Israeli defense strategists say that Hezbollah is capable of striking anywhere inside Israel.

Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan Nasrallah Wikimedia Commons

During the Hezbollah-Israel war in 2006, the Iran-sponsored militia had fired more than 4,000 rockets into Israel. However, most of these were unguided projectiles and the IDF was able to lay out impressive defensive shield against the Hezbollah missiles. However, Hezbollah, which was put together by Iran in the early 1980s to drive Israeli forces out of Lebanon, has now acquired sophisticated weapons including anti-tank missiles and night-vision equipment.

War Clouds

Hezbollah dared Israel last year as war clouds loomed in the region nearly 15 years after the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. "The Israelis should be worried and scared because the resistance now has the will, intention, capabilities and force to make Israel face a great defeat in any coming confrontation," said top Hezbollah official Sheikh Ali Daamoush.

Though that war ended in over a month, Israel has stepped up pressure on Hezbollah and has launched dozens of airstrikes mainly in key targets in Syria that work facilitate weapons shipments to Hezbollah.

Iran missile test
A ballistic missile is launched and tested in an undisclosed location, Iran Reuters

"Our enemies on the different fronts need to know that if needed, we will activate a powerful military that has never been seen before," Gordin said, highlighting the need to be wary of Hezbollah's threat.

However, Gordin warned Israel's adversaries that the country is equipped to beat any attack and is resilient against enemy moves. "They know they cannot defeat us on the battlefield, so they try to move the war to a second front and that is our homes and in our cities," the IDF general added.

Ayatollah Taunts Israel

Tensions in the region have remained at a high note for a long time, with Iran seemingly in pursuit of nuclear weapons after the breakdown of the deal with the US and the western powers. Recently, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Iran is not in pursuit of nuclear weapons, stressing the Islamic State's long-held view. But he also said if Tehran wanted to make nuclear weapons no one could stop it. He traded barbs yet again with the US and the 'Zionist clown' Israel, saying that only Islamic principles will stop the country from making the weapon.