Hey Ghost, Let's Fight cast might give free hugs if they reach viewership goal

Hey Ghost, Let's Fight is scheduled to air on 11 July.

The cast and crew of tvN's upcoming drama Hey Ghost, Let's Fight held a press showcase at Seoul Gangnam's Imperial Palace Hotel. The webtoon inspired tell-a-tale, which is set to take over Oh Hae Young Again's Monday-Tuesday slot, is scheduled to air on 11July.

The main lead of the show, which comprises Taecyeon, Kim So Hyun, Kwon Yool, and Kim Sang Ho, seemed quite excited for their forthcoming mystery comic drama.

During their interaction with fans and media, the cast went ahead on making big promises to gratify fans if they reach their desired viewership goal. The lead duo, So Hyun and Taecyeon vowed for a live ghost fight if the viewership surpasses 5% mark. They said: "If the viewership goes over 5%, then we will wear the same costumes from the drama and enact a fight scene at the exact place we filmed the fight scene."

While on the other hand, Yool made an intelligent move and affirmed to update their promise on social media. He said: "We will think very carefully about [what we can do for the viewers] and announce our decision at a later time through [the drama's] official Facebook page."

Later responding to some fan's suggestion for giving away free hugs, the actor jokingly replied: "If the drama goes over 10%, then Taecyeon will hold a solo free hug event."