Here's How Yuvraj Chavan Is Changing the Digital Marketing World in India

Yuvraj Chavan

Yuvraj Chavan, one of the youngest entrepreneurs from India is known for his vast knowledge & expertise in social media marketing & building sales funnels. Yuvraj has already helped many businesses & startups to grow & scale their revenue & profits, effectively using the power of social media & sales funnels.

Yuvraj has been studying & is in the process of mastering the sales funnels, which are extremely powerful in today's world.

Today, Yuvraj Chavan shares with us 3 of the most important & crucial elements which every funnel must have in order to squeeze out maximum conversions.

But first, what is a sales funnel?

According to Click Funnels "A sales funnel is the path a customer takes to purchase from your business, all the way from interested prospect to converted customer.

Every business has a sales funnel because every business (presumably) is trying to turn visitors into leads and leads into paying customers.

But naturally, an intentionally crafted sales funnel is about 100 times more effective than a sales funnel which is left to random chance."

Now here are 3 of the most important & crucial elements which every funnel must have in order to squeeze out maximum conversions.

1. HOOK: 20 or more years ago, the attention span of people was around a minute. But today, the attention span of people is just mere 7 SECONDS! That means we only have 7 seconds to catch our potential customers' attention & to send them to our funnel. For that, you will need to have a catchy hook which should create curiosity in our customers' minds so they will stop doing whatever they were doing and click the link or button which will take them to our funnel.

2. STORY: Gone are the days of weird traditional infomercials which appear on our TV's. People usually buy things right away when it makes some sort of emotional connection with them. For us, the marketers, telling stories in a way that connects & relates with our audience, helps to eliminate any fear, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions and bash their enemies, this will result in a quick and personal relationship which will help close the sale right away. So, having a compelling story is a must-have in any sales funnel.

3. OFFER: This is the cherry on the top. The offer is to justify logically what our customers just decided emotionally. There's no exception for having an irresistible offer. Our offer is what separates us from the rest of the competition. It's extremely important.

Those were 3 of the most important & crucial elements you need to have in your funnel to make it work.

Yuvraj is already dominating the world of sales funnels and now he is on a mission to help as many entrepreneurs & businesses as he can to help them effectively grow & scale their business through the power of sales funnels & social media.