Here's How Clément Mateu, A Skilled Racing Driver Made His Dream Come True

 Clément Mateu

A lot of people work hard to turn their childhood passion into a successful dream. Clément Mateu, Montpellier driver is also one of them. In fact, he worked so hard that he attained more than he thought. At the age of 15, Mateu fell in love with racing. It happened when his dad took him to Monaco for the grand prix. And well, that's how began his journey.

After the visit to Monaco with his dad, Clément Mateu started carting. Today, along with being one of the top racers in the world, he is also the CEO of Hexis Australia. To reach at this stage in his career, Mateu has earned many things that made people believe and admire him.

As a racer, Clément made his debut at the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup with Martinet by Almeras at the Barcelona circuit. Later, he also raced for the F1 weekend in front of 100,000 people who were mind-blown with his talent.
Clément says that participating in these biy competitions was a spectacular feeling. When he had to race on Monaco's Monegasque streets, it was like a nostalgia trip for him. It was the same place where his love for racing commenced.

Clément Mateu was asked about his thoughts on racing more and he says that now he is aware of the emotions one experiences when they are on the road. So he doesn't feel extensively nervous or pressured anymore. As the CEO of Hexis Australia, he expresses how ecstatic he feels. Clément aims to work for the betterment of racers and wants to give exposure to many such skilled men.

When asked how his journey has been so far, Clément says, "It has been a rollercoaster ride. At 15, I would have never thought that I'll achieve Everything I wanted as a racer. But it's the encouragement from my dad and my dream to be on the road and feel the thrill it gives made me work hard. Now, all I know is that I will always keep myself associated with the field in one way or the other."