Here's how Bryan "El Gallo" Duran is "fighting" his way to the top

Bryan Duran

Born in Matanzas Cuba and raised in Miami Dade County, Bryan Duran is a professional fighter who is steadily climbing his way to the top of the industry. Yet, for this young fighter who sports the nickname of "El Gallo", the journey hasn't been as linear as it seems. Read on to know more.

Bryan Duran chose a career as a professional fighter when he was quite young since he always had a passion for it. "I used to see these people and they were like superheroes to me. I grew up wanting to be the same.", Bryan Duran explains. However, this is easier said than done. After a lot of hard work, both physically and mentally, Bryan Duran was in top shape for this new period of his life. Today, he is one of the best-recognized professional fighters with a larger-than-life persona. Invested in his job as not just a profession, but also a passion, Bryan Duran is ready to go 25/8 and even holds the record for the second-fastest knockout in Bare Knuckle fighting history.

While Bryan Duran has been working as a professional for quite some time, he does not deny that his job comes with its own set of risks. So, what is it that keeps Bryan "El Gallo" Duran going, even when there are imminent dangers to living a long and fulfilling life? Bryan Duran responds by saying, "I would consider the most rewarding part of my job to be the fact that I'm motivating people to believe in themselves and go out and chase their dreams, especially my kids. I'm making them understand nothing is impossible. That's really my biggest reward so far and what keeps me motivated to do my best every day."

Indeed, Bryan "El Gallo" Duran is an inspirational personality, capable of influencing others with his do-or-die attitude. He hopes that in the future his fans stick around to see him become the best bare knuckle fighter in the industry. Bryan Duran wants to do this not only to gain attention from the masses but also to help others take courage from his life so that they would not face the same situations he did.

Bryan "El Gallo" Duran hopes to one day be a brand in himself, living the good life in a "40 million dollar house on a hill somewhere". Till then, we encourage him to keep moving forward and achieving more milestones along the way!