Here's How Being Intentional About Setting Goals Has Helped Filmmaker Raven Magwood Reach Heights of Success

Raven Magwood

Intentional individuals are action-oriented, with a steadfast commitment and strong attitude to achieve what they've set out to do. It's critical to be self-aware, to say no more than you say yes, and to cultivate thankfulness in order to become more purposeful. Raven Magwood, a leading filmmaker, and best-selling author, tells us that being intentional has been a big help in her journey of success.

According to Raven, being intentional suggests that you have a definite goal in mind and are deliberate about acting on your most essential ideas and sentiments. When you choose to live and build a life that has a clear purpose and is meaningful and exciting to you, you are intentionally choosing to truly live your best life.

Throughout Raven's life, she learned that an intentional focus is a devoted, purposeful, and deliberate manner of thinking about your company and life. You choose to make decisions and take action on what's important to you when you're purposeful. Being deliberate entails being clear about your goals from the start.

Raven adds that it is we who choose to make decisions and take action on what's important to us when we're purposeful. Being deliberate entails being clear about our goals from the start. She further tells us some of her key techniques which have helped her in being more intentional about her ambitions and goals.

1. Concentrate on your objectives

Intentional goals help you to connect your mission and vision with a strategy for achieving your objectives. When you are deliberate about your objectives, you determine the outcome you want to reach in advance, giving you greater direction and concentration.

When your goals are clear, you know why you want to attain your objectives and when you want to reach them. This clarity allows you to plan your time with certainty. It also allows you to focus your time and attention on your most important goals.

2. Make good use of your time

Being deliberate means using your time wisely to help you reach your most essential objectives. Intentional people recognize the value of their time and strive to accomplish their objectives in the simplest, most straightforward, and most efficient manner possible. To be deliberate with your time, you must first recognize those specific priorities, connections, and partnerships that will aid you in achieving your goals.

3. Make a plan for your day

You are significantly more likely to get the result you desire if you are deliberate with your time, energy, and attention each day. Being deliberate with your time ensures that your day has a clear framework and that you may build daily habits that support your objectives. Try to create to-do lists the night before so that you can wake up and hit the ground running.