Here is why BBC iPlayer won't work on thousands of TVs during Christmas, Samsung can't fix glitch till 2020

Thousands of users have lost access to the popular internet streaming service - BBC iPlayer. What is even worse is that many of the BBC iPlayer users won't be able to use the services till 2020. This means thousands of BBC iPlayer users won't have access to their favorite TV shows during Christmas or the New Year.

The glitch largely concerns Samsung TV users, who bought their TVs between 2013 - 2015. According to Samsung, the security certificates of BBC iPlayer is going through an update. Users, however, now have come forward claiming that due to a software glitch they have been unable to stream anything on iPlayer even after completing the update.

BBC iPlayer

"Just did your update on my TV as BBC iPlayer wasn't working. It's still not working and I read online that my FOUR year old TV is in need of an update you are yet to release?? Is this true? I'm without the feature I use most for an indefinite time?" James Merry tweeted tagging @SamsungUK.

Another user tagging @SamsungHelpUK and @BBCiPlayer said: "I followed (both) your instructions to upgrade Samsung software and now iPlayer not working on my Samsung UE46F7000ST tv. Works fine on my iPad. Very Frustrating. Wasted an hour. Please advise."

Samsung in a statement listed out 11 different Samsung TV models will be unable to use BBC iPlayer until 2020:

The issue first appeared on Monday and since then hundreds of users have come forward with complaints.

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However, here is how BBC iPlayer users can resume the streaming services on their Samsung TVs. Samsung has advised that some TVs should start working again after the installation of an automatic update, but that some owners would need to force the upgrade themselves via a settings menu.