Here is list of Free iOS apps you can get for a limited time

Before they go back in full price again, here's a list of free iOS apps that you can download for a limited time.

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App developers for iOS put their products on sale once in a while, while some throw them in the free rack. Looking for the free ones can be daunting and exhausting. Before they go back in full price again, here's a list of free iOS apps that users can download for a limited time.


Designed to suit up human mind's organising vision, Orderly boasts a user-friendly interface and a smooth cloud sync system. Its salient feature is the location-based reminder which notifies users of to-do tasks at a particular location. With its recent update, Orderly brings an unlimited categories or folders on top of a powerful search. Upgrade the app for US$0.99 only.

My Checkbook

From a desktop application, My Checkbook is now downloadable on iOS devices for US$4.99. This app allows users to track spending and deposits and handle multiple accounts. While it is still in its beta stage on the iOS, more features have yet to be released soon.

Compress Video

Compress Video re-encodes local clips or videos that are taken with an iPhone to convert it to a smaller file size without degrading their quality. This app also is capable of compressing videos in batch. Compressed clips will be automatically saved in a private folder. To free up some space, the original video has to be manually deleted from the Camera Roll. This app costs US$2.99.

Magnifier Flash

Through the device's flashlight, this app can turn it into a magnifying glass which users can use to enlarge small texts up to six times. Magnified portions of texts can be saved for later use.

Photo Guard

Worrying about intruders in your phone? Photo Guard protects photos by making them private. Whenever locked images are stealthily attempted to be accessed, the camera activates to take a shot of the intruder.

White Noise

White Noise is the get-go app to help sleep-deprived individuals fix their troubles. Choose from the wide variety of smooth melodies and nature sounds to help you fall asleep. Download it now before it gets back to its US$0.99 price tag again.

This article was first published on June 21, 2017