Yoo Ah In Getting Hate Messages For Eating Fried Zucchini After Being Loved as Cat Dad (VIDEO)

'ALIVE' star Yoo Ah In reveals interesting facts about how he never even touched a cat or wanted to be a cat dad ever. But he also reminded netizens of zucchini gate, making them angry.

A day after BIGBANG's G-Dragon was criticized by netizens for showing love for cats while allegedly neglecting his dogs, a video of ALIVE star Yoo Ahn In becoming a 'cat dad' has gone viral. However, netizens are loving the video.

Yoo Ahn In, who is basking in the success of his recently released survival thriller ALIVE, shared an interesting story about him becoming an accidental 'cat dad'. The actor took part in the show I Live Alone and let the audience know what kind of life he is living.

Yoo Ah In
Alive star Yoo Ah In's appearance in MBC's I Live Alone show brought him praises as well as hate messages. Instagram

But Yoo Ah In not only won praises but also invited criticism. The sneak peek into Yoo Ah In's daily life boomeranged as the zucchini gate incident came back to haunt him after three years. In November 2017, Yoo Ah In was involved in a heated argument with feminists.

The Zucchini Gate Incident

The argument began as a netizen commented criticizing the actor that he should be watched from at least 20 meters away. "I feel like he would open a fridge, see a zucchini, stare at it for a while, ask me, 'what does it mean to be alone?' and wink," the netizen had posted.

Yoo Ah In's reply to this comment angered feminists and led to an argument. The actor had replied saying: "Have you ever been hit with zucchini before? (wink)." This was termed as violent and netizens said that the comment by the actor was suggesting misogynistic ideas. When Yoo Ah In ate fried zucchini in the current show, netizens were reminded of the incident and criticized the actor, bringing the incident back to their minds.

Yoo Ah in as Loving Cat Dad

Inside his $5 million home, Yoo Ah In lives with his two Sphynx cats — Dobby and Jangby. In the video, it can be seen that even the cats are really fond of him. But while speaking about the felines, Yoo Ahn In said that he had never even touched a cat before these two cats happened to come home.

Explaining the situation, the actor said that one of his friends got these cats home. But when the friend was leaving, the cats did not want to go with him, instead, they stuck to the house. That is when Yoo Ah In thought of letting them stay. Thus, he became a cat dad without really planning to be one.

It took the actor some time to get used to the felines being at home because initially he was at a loss and did not know how to communicate with them and could not understand them. Thus, he started reading about cats and watching cat videos to understand what they wanted.

Yoo Ah In
ALIVE star Yoo Ah In posing with his cat Dobby. Instagram

Learning Cat Language

Currently, he said that he has found some ways to communicate with them by creating his own language. However, he is scared that his ways of doing things for the cats might not be what they want.

In the video, it can also be seen that Yoo Ah In is working towards becoming a cat dad and honing his skills gradually. When he tries to give them a bath in their special cypress bathtub, the otherwise loving cats can be seen trying to escape.

However, Yoo Ah In has allotted a room to Dobby and Jangby where they rest after their daily routine of playing, eating and playing again. The actor calls the cats his family and is happy they are home.

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This article was first published on June 29, 2020