Here are the best free backup software

Free backup software that you can take advantage of.

Backup software abounds and each of them offers you great options. However, if you are looking for an advanced software to cater to your needs, you may have to spend through your nose before you lay hands on one of them. Now, do not fret and check out this list of best free backup software, which we have created so that you can keep all your documents safe for free.

Easeus Todo Backup Free

As a full backup suite, Easeus Todo Backup Free offers both file and imaging backup. It is packed with advanced features and smartly designed, making it more efficient to handle user data than any other software. The Smart Backup feature automatically back up your Documents library and desktop files as well as your browser's favourites. By default, the full backup takes place once every week. Differential backup happens every half an hour if changes are spotted.

Scheduling backup rotations are also easy through custom settings. Easus is intelligent in a way that it can run a backup immediately on startup, in case you have missed doing so the last time the computer was shut down. And it wakes up from sleep if necessary.

AOMEI Backupper Standard

Beginners can take advantage of AOMEI Backupper Standard's simple wizard that makes creating images easy for beginners. It gives you recommendations on which drive needs backup and where to store the resulting image. Give it a name and date and make a schedule to run the process repeatedly on its own, then click on 'Start backup'. Restore the system within Windows or through booting the image.

With its simple drop-down option, daily backups become very convenient, not to mention you can choose which type of backup you would want to perform—full, differential, or incremental. This can also be scheduled. In addition, password-protection and encryption are also available so you can safeguard your data.

Personal Backup

Personal Backup is perfect for off-site backups. It may not be offering imaging, but there are a lot of other advantaged with this software. It creates regular data backups, which is ideal only for saving your most important documents. For advanced users, the wizard should be easy to use. It will ask you which destination to store the backup data—FTP server can be a good option for off-site backups. It will then ask you whether to compress files and if you want to apply encryption.