Here are 3 superstars who are being paid by WWE to do almost nothing

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There might be discontent brewing within the company, the ratings might be going down, but as far as the revenue is concerned, WWE is galloping along. It is raking money and currently, the rating is perhaps the best in all these years. The margins are so huge that they can afford to sign wrestlers to do absolutely nothing, just to keep them away from the competition which keeps propping up.

Here we take a look at three such wrestlers who find their names on the roster, but well, are contributing close to zilch for the show.

Tyler Breeze

You see his work in NXT and one wonders if Tyler Breeze is the most underutilised wrestler in WWE currently. He is not idle though, and keeps Main Event tapings and then even making appearances on NXT house shows.

However, there is talent on display, but then, he is not doing anything of note. WWE can now look at using him in the main event, and he can also be used as a proper midcarder if the company deems him fit. Also, it has to be said here that Breeze is a proper workhorse and can be a real asset if given a chance.

Shelton Benjamin

Back in 2016, Shelton Benjamin was roped in and was slated to be a part of the SmackDown Live roster, but then his career stalled when he was ruled out for a year due to a severe shoulder injury. He had to go under the knife and it took him one complete year to reclaim his fitness.

His last appearance came when he was paired Chad Gable, but this not last for too long as Gable switched over to RAW in 2018. And ever since, Benjamin has been cooling his heels waiting for the next big break. There is proper potential on offer and he also has the presence in the ring and WWE should ideally chart out a path for him as he could possibly offer a lot to the company.


WWE, in the past, have often shunted away superstars, but as far as EC3 is concerned, the company, for reasons unknown, has really made big efforts to bury him and not allow the wrestler any time in the sun.

For a man with a great physical presence and charisma, EC3 ticks all the boxes as far as Vince McMahon is concerned, but why he is being wasted is a real dilemma.

As of now, he is nowhere close to RAW barring a few minutes of cameo appearances, but well, the itinerary might not any good news for him either.

This article was first published on May 22, 2019