Here are 3 possible superstars who could face John Cena in WrestleMania

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With the WrestleMania fast approaching us, the injury to Lars Sullivan could well have jeopardized WWE plans, as John Cena was all slated to face the young upcoming superstar. Now according to different reports, WWE could be planning a match between Samoa Joe and John Cena, but well, it could well be a rumour as the rivalry between the two wrestlers has never ignited any fiery exchanges.

So, are there any alternatives to this Samoa vs Cena feud, we believe there are a few, and here in this article, we try to pit Cena against other fighters, and yes, these feuds could well transpire on the biggest day of them all.

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The Undertaker

Has he retired, does he have one final match left in him, will he walk out and enthral the audience once more? So many questions are being asked and yet, we are no close to answers. However, there is an eerie silence and which could well mean a possible match-up between John Cena and the Undertaker at WrestleMania.

If reports are to be believed, Taker is currently not booked for WrestleMania but then he will appear on the show and could well be the opponent against John Cena.

Aleister Black

If Cena is the leader of Cenation, Aleister Black is the newest sensation on the block – he is the champion of NXT and is now very much part of the main roster. WWE could well push him to the deep end and see how he responds, which is why he could be the left-field option to face Cena. He has the potential to be a marquee attraction in either Raw or Smackdown and this WrestleMania could be the stage where he manages to grab the attention for his career to take shape.


EC3 returned to WWE in 2018 and after being involved in a lot of developmental brand work, he was back on the main roster this year. In the recent past, he has been quite active on social media and has mocked John Cena by challenging to take him down.

The feud could well be brewing and WWE could well utilize it in the upcoming WrestleMania as EC3 is no slouch. He is the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion is going to face Cena in future.