Herbert Hernandez: Igniting Manila's Creative Spirit with GIGIL

Herbert Hernandez

In the heart of Manila, where the vibrant rhythm of life intertwines with the bustling energy of the city, a true maverick of creativity thrives. Meet Herbert Hernandez, a name that echoes through the streets, known not only as the lead guitarist of the iconic bands 6cyclemind and Moonstar88 but also as the co-founder of the internationally acclaimed independent advertising agency, GIGIL. In a world where conformity is easy, Hernandez stands tall as an enigmatic force that blurs the lines between music, art, and marketing.

Herbert's unique journey began when he recognized the power of combining his passion for music with his innovative marketing ideas. Born and raised in Manila, he grew up witnessing the city's vibrant culture and its insatiable hunger for creativity. As he delved into the world of advertising, he soon realized that the key to cutting through the noise and making an impact lay in infusing the soul of music into his campaigns. This revelation marked the birth of GIGIL, an agency that rapidly garnered global recognition for its groundbreaking work, challenging the norms and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Fueling Creativity with Prayer and Coffee

At the break of dawn, while the city is still cloaked in slumber, Herbert Hernandez emerges, fueled by his morning ritual of prayer and an unyielding love for coffee. These rituals, he claims, are the keys that unlock the floodgates of creativity within him. As the first rays of sunlight gently touch Manila's skyline, Herbert sits in quiet contemplation, connecting with his inner self, and drawing inspiration from the beauty of the city that surrounds him. His daily cup of coffee not only awakens his senses but also serves as a metaphorical elixir that invigorates his creative spirit.

Once revitalized by his morning routine, Herbert steps into the vibrant world of GIGIL. Here, his vision comes to life as he collaborates with a talented team of creative minds. The energy in the agency is palpable, and the walls resonate with the hum of ideas and melodies that merge harmoniously. As the team brainstorms, the notes of music seem to blend with the colors of visual art, weaving a tapestry of innovative concepts that leave a lasting impact on clients and audiences alike.

Cherishing Family: The Foundation of a Rock Star's Life

But Hernandez's life is not just a symphony of advertising endeavors; it is also a tale of profound love and devotion. For over 15 years, he has nurtured a beautiful marriage, finding solace and strength in the loving embrace of his wife. The joys of fatherhood have also embraced him, as he takes pride in being an active and involved parent. Herbert Hernandez cherishes the essence of family life, cherishing every moment spent with his children, and weaving those cherished memories into the fabric of his creative pursuits.

Family serves as the anchor that keeps him grounded amidst the whirlwind of success and fame. Despite his busy schedule, Hernandez ensures that he carves out quality time to be with his loved ones, creating a balance between his personal and professional life.

Rock Star by Night

As the sun begins its descent, signaling the arrival of dusk, Hernandez's journey takes an electrifying twist. He steps onto the stage, wielding his guitar with virtuoso precision, ready to mesmerize the audience as a rock star. It is this seamless synergy between his musical world and his advertising prowess that fuels the flames of his creativity, igniting an inferno of passion within him. The music becomes the heartbeat of his advertising campaigns, the rhythm that guides his brushstrokes in crafting compelling brand stories.

But beyond the glitz and glamour of the spotlight, Hernandez's journey is one marked by sacrifice and empowerment. He embraces the challenges that come with being a rock star and advertising executive, knowing that the love and support he receives from fans and clients alike are the driving forces that propel him forward. But his spirit of empowerment does not end there. With a heart dedicated to uplifting others in the industry, he founded "The Indierectory," a platform connecting Filipino talents with paid gigs, forging a path for aspiring professionals to follow their passion.

One of his most legendary brainchilds is "Lakihan mo Logo" ("Make the Logo Bigger"), a trailblazing concert series that unites the talents of Manila-based ad agency professionals. Within the rhythm of the music and the pulse of creativity, they find a haven to unleash their artistic flair. The impact of "Lakihan mo Logo" resonates across the advertising community, with countless concerts held, and even some participants being discovered and signed as recording artists.

Looking Towards the Future: Retirement and Continuing the Legacy

While Herbert Hernandez stands at the age of 40, retirement is a thought that tiptoes on the edges of his mind, lurking on the horizon. Yet, the boundless energy that courses through his veins and the insatiable thirst for greatness makes it hard to imagine him stepping away from the stage and the boardroom. Time management and prioritization are his allies, ensuring that his fans and clients can expect an avalanche of creativity, even as he contemplates the future.