Henry Calix: A Successful Tycoon Who is Now One Of Business Elite's "40 under 40" Awardee

Henry Calix

Progress only happens where there is consistency. You have to focus on achieving your goals through fierce determination and persistence, especially if you wish to accomplish something in life. Henry Calix is an innovative entrepreneur, and his success came purely through his absolute dedication to his work.

Getting awarded Business Elite's "40 under 40" is no small feat, as only the most accomplished executives and enthusiasts ever receive this award. Having multiple flourishing businesses like P3r$Pec71vE PODCAST, Calix Fashion, and Calix Online Financial, as well as Weedsies Online Marketplace, Calix has established himself as an ingenious businessman with great potential.

"It's necessary for a company to be consistent to flourish," he says, ", especially in the current challenging times when customers want certainty and reassurance." He is willing to work hard for what he believes in because he understands that success doesn't happen overnight; it takes time. He thinks it is crucial to believe in oneself and that there are always chances for personal and professional growth; it is best to take them regardless of your apprehensions.

Born in Honduras and traveling to the States as a young boy with a single mother, life was not easy for Calix. He had never met his father and, therefore, had no one to look up to. By the time he graduated from high school in 2006, he had already dipped his fingers in various ventures, many of which didn't even make it past the first year.

That, however, did nothing to diminish his determination because instead of losing his heart, on the contrary, he started spending extra time learning how to code and create websites. Due to the pandemic, the need for connectivity had never been more essential. Without the internet, we would have lost ourselves in a maze of perpetual meaninglessness.

At that moment, he had the idea to bring together multiple businesses of the newly formed industry under one umbrella by creating a now successfully running digital platform, much like Amazon and Shopify. Calix also launched an on-the-go app for what's being dubbed the ice cream truck-like automobile shops for his online marketplace products with a vision to provide an innovative shopping experience to customers and gain their attention.

Where many other online businesses were falling apart, Calix was willing to physically reach out to his customers to earn their trust and to bridge the gap that exists in the industry that the weedsies platform services. It did help a lot as his online business took flight and became a robust digital marketplace.

Being the change in order to see a significant difference is what he believes in. It is purely because of this grit and his unquestioning belief in his abilities that he has gained immense recognition for his efforts. Calix attributes his success in large to the support from his wife and two children whom he dedicates this most prestigious award to. He strongly recommends going the extra mile and making exceptional efforts to achieve all that you set out to do because according to him, "that is the only way you can come out on top. Nothing short than consistency and dedication"