Helping brands thrive in the digital space is Jordan Franze, a passionate digitalpreneur from Australia.

He has excelled at conversation rate optimization (CRO) and scaling digital businesses through his firm Kaizen Conversion

Jordan Franze

Isn't it wonderful to know and learn about all those individuals who exude a different level of passion, madness, commitment, and determination, when it comes to their respective industries? Well, the world is filled with many such people; still, a few rare gems go ahead in making waves in their niches, emerging as impeccable examples to the world as young professionals. To get into the business world is no walk in the park, especially in the digital space, which is consistently evolving and growing each day with new players. However, some youngsters, with their bold decisions and moves, created a successful journey for themselves and showed the world how it is to be done. One such youngster who has amazed the youth with his success is Jordan Franze, who not only entered the digital industry but also took it to newer success levels with his hard work.

Ask him what drove him towards the digital realm to do what he does today, and the young Australian talent says, "To do the different, to offer value to people and make a difference in the lives by helping them thrive online through my meticulously crafted and designed services and solutions that make sure to scale their digital businesses." They have flourished in the industry for developing revolutionary funnels and websites that convert the maximum number of clicks to customers, helping clients capture 300% more revenue on average.

Jordan Franze began his journey at a very early age. From selling homemade widgets during primary school and starting his relatively successful business at 14 years in the server hosting market to starting with face-to-face sales and at 16 becoming the #1 salesperson in a year by revenue and profit at a commercial IT business, to doing many other ventures, facing several ups and downs and building digital businesses through his international holding company, Jordan Franze has truly come a long way.

Jordan Franze graduated with a Bachelor's in Commerce, General Management, and Business Administration from the University of Adelaide. As the founder and managing director at his firm, he has had the privilege to work with brands like Leadpages, Groupon, Appster, and Bodytrim. They focus on helping brands convert more curious clicks to paying customers using data-driven strategies, leveraging their deep understanding of online consumer behaviour.

On asking what helped him make a name for himself in the industry, the successful entrepreneur said that time and patience helped him in his journey. He explains that there is no shortcut to attaining a positive reputation. In the end, it all comes down to putting in the time, staying focused, and being consistent. With conversion rate optimization, his firm increases the percentage of users or, simply put, website visitors to take the desired action on the website, which may include making the purchase or leaving contact details. It excels at building high-converting sales funnels and landing pages for brands worldwide.

Jordan Franze also believes that being a solution-focused entrepreneur has helped him stay unique in the industry, where all the methods, strategies, and solutions by his firm are designed to solve a problem.