Helios Life Enterprises Could Join the Ranks of Top AI Companies Globally With Its Revolutionary Voice Tone Intelligence


As technology evolves, artificial intelligence (AI) becomes an increasingly important part of everyday life. CompTIA reports that 86% of CEOs consider AI mainstream technology, and 91.5% of leading businesses consistently invest in AI.

Helios Life Enterprises is at the forefront of this shift, having developed a revolutionary voice tone Intelligence system that could make them one of the most renowned AI companies globally.

The FinTech industry's latest innovator

Helios Life Enterprises has established itself as a trailblazer in the AI and FinTech sectors that monitors executive voice tone to aid better financial investment decision-making. Their technique offers consumers information revealed by the voice, which is extremely difficult to change or conceal. This is a ground-breaking innovation, given the highly scripted nature of corporate presentations.

The Helios team describes that their technology translates a person's voice into original, unique, and important insights. Helios can recognize and extract many parts of a person's speech tone, providing a complete picture of their ideas and opinions.

The potential applications for voice tone intelligence are vast. Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder Dr. Gerwin Schalk shares, "In addition to the work we do in the financial sector, we are actively investigating use cases in the consumer insights/marketing domains."

The technology is still a work in progress but is constantly evolving. Helios recently partnered with Deepgram to add non-English speaking global equities to their catalog.

In addition, Helios Life Enterprises recently released the Helios Voice Summation Index (VSI), a volatility index that measures the market's belief in corporate communications using tone of voice exclusively. Differing from the Nasdaq-100 Volatility Index (VOLQ), which is based on the option prices of the Nasdaq-100, VSI is based on the voice tones of executives when speaking at corporate events or earning calls. Helios' proprietary algorithm generates a daily index value representing a forecast of the forward 30-day annualized volatility. Volos analyzed the Helios VSI and derived an options-based signal which can be utilized as an active parameter within Volos' Strategy Engine.

Global recognition

Helios' voice tone intelligence has received a lot of attention around the world. Sean Austin, Co-Founder and CEO of Helios, said that at their initial presentation of this technology at the Eagle Alpha Alternative Data Conference in 2019, the reception was very enthusiastic and three years later, the success continues. They have been invited to partake in the TechCrunch Startup Battlefield 200 as a contestant and have also been invited to speak at Benzinga's Fintech Deal Day Conference.

As the demand for transparency across various industries grows, so does the need for Helios' voice tone intelligence. The company is poised for continued success and more innovative technologies in the years to come, making it one of the most anticipated AI companies worldwide.