Helen Mirren opens up about her embarrassing experience during tea with Queen

Helen Mirren, who is one of the prominent actors, has shared her embarrassing story when she met Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip for tea

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren Helen Mirren/ Instagram

The veteran actor Helen Mirren has shared one of her embarrassing experiences while she was along with the Queen of England. During the event "Helen Mirren and Hawk Koch Discuss The Magic of Movies" the actress narrated what happened during the time she spent with Queen Elizabeth II. Mirren, 74, claimed that the Queen had invited her over to have a cup of tea.

The actress recalls the incident and says how she imagined that the tea gathering would be huge and have lots of people attending it. However, it turned out to be an intimate affair with just about eight people in a room. "She invited me to tea. I thought it was going to be in a room with 200 other people, which it often is," she explained.

"So I walk in, and there's like eight people sitting around a table. Prince Philip, the Queen, a Sheik of somewhere or other and a couple of horsey people. I know absolutely nothing about horses, at all, and the Queen knows everything about horses," she explained.

When Mirren was desperately trying to make a normal and polite conversation, it just came "out like gobbledygook," she said, according to an article published in 'People'. This was the point when everything started getting awkward for the 74-year-old.

Mirren continued to explain how the Queen and Prince Philip were having a serious discussion about the stuffings in the sandwiches. The actress then explained as to how she wanted milk in her tea (the milk was kept on the other side of the Prince) and that very moment forgot how to address Prince Philip.

"I mean, is it sir? Is it your majesty? Is it your highness?" Mirren said. "Is it rude to ask him to pass the milk? Or should I just ask for a lackey?" she says. "I finished up not having any milk. I just couldn't sort it out," the actress added. Mirren calls this a "lesson in embarrassment" and concludes by saying that the royalty was "utterly gracious."