Heechul's ankle injury to affect Super Junior's new album promotions

Member Heechul posted a long message on Instagram saying that he feels constant pain in his ankle due to a car accident involving Super Junior in 2007 that injured his left leg.

Heechul Instagram

Korean boy band Super Junior will be coming back with a new album in November, but one member said his lingering injury will prevent him from taking part in the promotional activities.

Member Heechul posted a long message on Instagram to say that he has a constant pain in his ankle due to a car accident involving Super Junior in 2007 that injured his left leg.

In March 2007, Heechul along with Kyuhyun, Leeteuk, Shindong and Eunhyuk, and their two managers were involved in a car accident in South Korea that left some of them severely injured.

"Firstly, I'm writing this post while feeling sorry to my members, since I promised I wouldn't write meaningful posts on social media. Many already know, but I'm unable to use my left leg properly because of a car accident 11 years ago," wrote Heechul.

Despite the injury, he said he has been doing many activities in the last 10 years.

"However, I've been having fun and enjoying doing activities since that time, and I've done so while smiling no matter how much it hurt. But maybe because a lot of time has passed... I've now become more fearful too. As I said on 'Life Bar' recently, my ankle pain has often become more severe," he explained.

He added, "Being a human means that even if I try to do mind control and tell myself 'I'll be okay' and 'It will get better,' when my body doesn't follow along, the inverse proportion with my positive thoughts makes me feel the pain even more. In conclusion, Super Junior is making a comeback on November 6. Since we're making a comeback for the first time in a long while, the members and fans are all excited... and I was of course excited too."

The upcoming album is highly anticipated by fans but Heechul said, "I think that I will probably not be able to do normal activities."

"I apologize again to the fans and members who've waited a long time but... I really have no confidence at all [that I can]... Because I have always been thinking this in my heart, I am ashamed to face the members and fans," he admitted.

He appealed that "if I can make you understand and receive forgiveness with the excuse 'I have to work hard in variety and promote!' then I will be even more grateful as I smile and receive rehabilitation treatment, and I will try to keep my strength up."

As a response, the boy band's agency, Label SJ, assured that Heechul will be promoting the album.

"The post that Kim Heechul wrote due to his worries about his chronic leg pain ahead of their comeback has been misinterpreted. Kim Heechul will be taking part in Super Junior's activities as normal," said Label.