A hedge fund for everyone / A fund for everything from music royalties to carbon credits

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Investing in a variety of asset types ensures a certain level of diversification while also lowering risk. Most alternative asset classes operate in closed environments and are not open to the general public. There is, however, a platform that allows everyone to access a variety of asset classes. Hedonova is a global alternative investment fund that invests in an eclectic portfolio of asset classes, including art, unicorn startups, wine, equipment finance, ligation finance, music, and many others.

Hednova was founded by a group of former portfolio managers who thought that in a few years alternative investment would grow exponentially in size, challenging the equity markets. While Suman Banerjee, the company's CIO, previously worked as a portfolio manager, Alexander Cavendish, the CEO, previously worked as an investment banker for Morgan Stanley's European technology vertical. The fund has built a wide portfolio under their purview, spanning a diverse variety of access classes, locations, and risk profiles. Within a year, Hedonova has extended its global presence, attracting investors from over 18 nations. The company currently has a core team of 16 members including investors, economists, researchers, engineers, and marketers.

Whilst hedge funds are considered to be evil and secretive, Hedonova has gained a reputation for its super-friendly customer service and investment transparency. After all, what a person needs while contemplating where to put his/her money is a little guidance, assurance, and service that explains all the pros and cons of the said investment. Hedonova stands out for its diverse array of asset classes, including music royalties, equipment finance, art, wine, carbon credits, and more. It also features a low minimum commitment of $1000, making it accessible to practically everyone, not just the wealthy. Investors can add or withdraw funds from their portfolios at any moment using Hedonova. There are no hidden exit fees or lock-ins.

In the near future, the company wants to install a hedge fund on every phone. That is to say, anyone, anywhere in the world, will be able to invest in whatever they like. Hedonova will most likely become a fully tokenized hedge fund on the blockchain in a few years when global crypto rules are more mature. Tokens will symbolize fund units and will be available for purchase for $1 each.

This article was first published on January 7, 2022