Heavy Metal Legend Ozzy Osbourne Says 'UFOs Are Real'; Governments Are Hiding the Truth

Rocker and the legendary prince of darkness, Ozzy Osbourne, believes that UFO's are ''f**king real'' and governments around the world are hiding the truth from people by not revealing classified documents on extra-terrestrials findings.

Osbourne admitted that he previously did not believe that aliens existed but now did a complete u-turn and has changed his mind.

Ozzy Osbourne
Twitter / Ozzy Osbourne

The heavy metal star revealed that his opinions changed after watching the recently released US Navy's footage that showed unidentified objects flying at high speed and was blown away seeing UFO's flying alongside fighter jets in the Earth's atmosphere.

For the uninitiated, the US government last month released UFO documents detailing of more than 100 close encounters and officials on tape admitted they're at a loss of words to explain the phenomenon they sighted.

Osbourne claims even religious clergies along with the government are involved in hiding the truth about UFOs as the truth would derail world religions casting doubt on its beliefs and destroy the public order. ''The reason why they do not tell us is because if they told us about other things on other planets is that would be f*** the religions and everything up,'' he said.

''There is a lot coming out now and there is stuff that they are releasing now. The film of the fighter pilots. I mean it's f***ing real, have you seen these things? I was a non-believer but I am leaning towards that (being real) now,'' he told the Daily Star.

The rocker also walked down memory lane during his rehab days claiming a man had once read a verse from the Bible and it sounded to him like an alien spaceship. He said during Biblical times, people experienced UFOs hovering around the sky but did not have knowledge about ETs and believed it to be God and his works.

''When I was in one of the rehabs this one kid read this chapter from the Bible and it sounds like a f***ng alien ship. When you go back into the biblical times when something came and you did not know what it was, or you did not know how things were flying you saw something you would think it was f***ing God.''

The 72-year-old revealed that he would be too scared to come face-to-face with an alien and even if would encounter one, the rocker stated that he would not ''f***ing move'' from his place and would remain still with fear.