Heavy-Built Chinese Man Escapes From Drowning Due to His Own Weight; Video Goes Viral

Video of a man from China weighing 19 stone being rescued from a well has gone viral on social media.

A video of a man stuck in the well is going viral on social media. The incident occurred in Luoyang, Henan Province in central China, where a 28-year-old Liu was saved from drowning in the well due to his weight.

The video shows Liu stuck in the entrance of his family well in front of his house in Henan Province. Liu is said to be mentally challenged and is seen waiting for the rescue team to lift him up from the well as he looks at them with hands crossed.

Liu China
A man from China was saved form drowning due to his heavy weight. YouTube screengrab

Liu is said to have slipped inside the well as the wood covering of the well broke. But as Liu is on the heavier side, he was stuck in the entrance of the well. According to the fire service crew who were a part of the rescue team, Liu weighed around 500 pounds. But The Sun reported that the man weighed around 300 pounds. The exact weight of the man is not known.

Liu Pulled Out of Well Unharmed

The viral video showed the rescue team consisting of five people getting a strong rope to pull Liu out. The rope was tied to his waist and the crew pulled him out to safety. Reports claim that Liu came out unharmed.

The Sun reported that the well had completely dried out. So the family decided to fill it with waste including wood items. Parents gave the task of filling in the well to Liu. He started gathering waste materials and throwing them inside the well. It is said that he wanted to put a wooden board inside the well. But as it was wide he was not able to put it inside the well. So he kept it on the well and stood on it with an intention to break it.

When the board broke, before Liu could jump, his legs slipped and he fell into the well. But thankfully due to his large waist size, he was saved from drowning in the well. The family had said that it entrusted Liu with the job of filling the well as the water source had dried up years ago, and Liu was used to the well being open.