Heather Graham set to join Rachael Leigh Cook in Netflix's 'Love, Guaranteed'

"Love Guaranteed" Netflix's new original romantic comedy movie on its way to entertain its viewers and it will have the 49-year-old actress in an important role.

Heather Graham new co-star for upcoming 'Love Guaranteed' romantic comedy for Netflix Heathe Graham (Twitter)

American actress Heather Graham is set to co-star opposite Rachael Leigh Cook, Damon Wayans Jr for the upcoming Netflix original romantic comedy movie "Love, Guaranteed". The movie production is underway in Vancouver, Canada with the direction of Mark Steven Johnson. Rachael Leigh Cook, Dan Spilo, Margret Huddleston, and Stephanie Slack are the producers of the movie.

Elizabeth Hackett and Hilary Galanoy have penned down the script for the film, based on the source material by Rachael Leigh Cook.

The script follows Rachael Cook as Susan (earnest attorney) who has taken too many pro bono cases. She takes a high paying, high profile case from Nick (Wayans Jr.) a handsome and charming client who is willingly coming to Susan to sue a dating website that guarantees users will find love. Later Susan and Nick find themselves in the middle of the trouble, because as the case heats up and the case comes in the limelight of the media, so do their feelings for each other- which could menace everything.

Heather will play as (Tamara Taylor) the character of the CEO of the 'Love, Guaranteed' dating website. She is a ruthless and hardworking businesswoman who built a lifestyle brand from the ground up and will crush anything or anyone who will come on her way for the success of her business.

Graham is known for her roles in Austin Powers, Boogie Nights and Bowfinger. She will star in an upcoming 'CBS ALL ACCESS' adaptation of Stephen King's "The Stand". Very soon the 49-year-old actress will also be seen on the big screen in the conspiracy thriller, 'Wander'.

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