The Heartening Story of Creative Businesswoman, Kristen Terry

Kristen Terry

Of all the bachelor's and master's degrees conferred each year, the most significant number is granted in business oftentimes. You can apply the skills you develop while earning a business degree in many industries. But how many graduates think of putting their degree to good use and owning a business, or two, as a talented entertainer overseas?

Kristen Terry, an executive producer, creative director, and businesswoman, has undoubtedly been different from most of us. After completing her degree in International business on an academic scholarship and as a signed artist to a Music Label, Kristen went into the entertainment business as a talent in Los Angeles. Shortly after, she created a live production which toured overseas in 40 cities as the headlining talent, creative director and executive producer putting her degree, artistic talents, and multi-languages to the best of use. After her professional career overseas for several years, Kristen created two injury businesses back in the states. She currently has a consulting firm specializing in personal injury and a sports recovery clinic.

Graduating Cum Laude, Kristen had always been driven and confident. As a young professional dancer and entertainer, she incurred her first injury at age 17. But what's surprising is that Kristen self-healed by learning how to do specific stretches and strengthening exercises to heal her body slowly and became very in tune with her body through countless injuries as a performer. And that's where she knew she had it in her to do literally anything. Her drive was immeasurable.

Terry Consultants works directly with accident victims providing a complimentary concierge service, placing you with the best medical providers for your injuries, as well as setting you with the best legal representation to ensure you get the settlement you deserve. They also provide these solutions for personal injury law firms for their existing clients and provide new client cases.

On the other hand, TerryFit Recovery is a 3-Step program designed to get you out of pain and keep you injury-free through several therapeutic services. Targeting professional dancers, pro athletic teams, and personal injury victims, TerryFit Recovery starts with vibration therapy to increase blood flow to stagnant areas of concern, perform the manual and stretch therapy to ease restricted movements, and finish with Normatec Compression. You walk out feeling brand new.

In Kristen's own words, Terry Consultants and TerryFit Recovery are the best-kept secrets in the injury business sector.

Suppose you are often on the road or susceptible to accidents due to your nature of vocation. Terry Consultants concierge service helps you find the best medical providers for your injuries and place you with the best legal representation to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.

Kristen hopes to continue helping people while creating live productions to feed her creative side. A rare thought, isn't it? We hope Kristen can inspire others to walk in her shoes, strive for greatness, and truly tap into their fullest potential.