U.S. actor Tom Cruise holds his daughter Suri
Tom Cruise holds his daughter Suri. Reuters

Tom Cruise is busy with his Top Gun: Maverick and Mission Impossible movie series. But the whole world wants to know why Hollywood's biggest star is not maintaining a healthy relationship with his daughter Suri Cruise.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes parted ways in 2012. The reason behind the split was not revealed to the public and to this day, neither one has talked about what led to the divorce. As per our recent reports, Katie has reportedly started dating again as she has spotted several times with Jamie Foxx. But Tom, on the other hand, has remained single.

Katie Holmes is spending most of her hours with her daughter Suri but Tom Cruise has reportedly not been in touch with Suri ever since he and Katie got divorced. According to a recent report, the real reason why Tom Cruise cannot get in touch with his daughter is because of his religious beliefs.

As per Us Weekly, Suri is not being raised as a Scientologist by her mother Katie Holmes and as everyone knows, Tom is an ardent believer of The Church of Scientology. As per the laws of the Church, the Vanilla Sky movie star is not allowed to see Suri or communicate with her.

The last time Tom Cruise was publicly spotted with daughter Suri Cruise was back in 2013. But the outing was their way to create a public image. A former Scientologist revealed to Us Weekly that the sightseeing was reportedly just for appearance.

"Maybe he did it for a photo op to make it seem like he was connected so he wouldn't be criticized," said the former Scientologist.

It should be noted that several reports in the past suggested that Scientologists are allowed to see their children if they wanted to but as per other alleged claims, it was Tom's own choice not to see his youngest daughter.

It is not like Tom Cruise is not in touch with his other children. As per several other statements, he reportedly shares a close bond when it comes to his other children.