Healthy Crunch Takes The Snack Industry By Storm

Healthy Crunch

Every brand owner will tell you that there is a challenge in today's market due to limited shelf space and more attention on brand innovation. Julie Bednarski, dynamic food entrepreneur and Founder of Healthy Crunch, seized this innovative opportunity to develop better-tasting and healthier alternatives to everyday snacks that satisfy cravings.

When Healthy Crunch got launched, Julie Bednarski introduced Kale Chips, an innovative snack that gained five-star status in its product category within the first six months. The nutrition and label compliance specialist states that product attributes are vital in creating a highly relevant brand for today's health-conscious snackers who are always on the go.

According to Julie, Healthy Crunch products are free of all allergens, thus extending marketing opportunities to parents and schools. She also did market testing on the packaging evolution, which enabled her to develop an innovative design highlighting the attributes that shoppers are searching for.

Besides, she expanded her go-to-market strategy to include food services, schools, and entertainment venues. Another thing that enabled Julie to focus on promoting the brand and drive sales is investing in an operations team.

Julie further states that having an independent certification creates a point of difference versus competitors, builds trust in the brand, and provides assurance for people with food sensitivities. Furthermore, when a brand has an exciting story, promotional opportunities open up automatically.

For instance, the Healthy Crunch team drives a mobile billboard, a van wrapped with eye-catching graphics hard for customers to miss. Julie is also leveraging every available opportunity to promote Healthy Crunch and generate brand awareness by propelling and driving trials.

If you are a business owner wishing to grow your brand, consider taking Julie Bednarski's success story with Healthy Crunch as inspiration, and get ready to set new standards within your industry.