Healthcare: Inspired by colony of ants, Chinese scientists develop new robotic system

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A group of Chinese researchers have taken inspiration from a colony of ants and developed a robotic system, which has the ability to achieve complex tasks like gathering large prey.

As per the new study published in the journal Science Robotics, the scientists involved in this project described the nano-robots fleet. The scientists stated that have these have demonstrated the potential for in-body diagnosis and treatment at the cellular or even molecular level.

The lead author of the study and the Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology in China, Xie Hui stated that one robot is two micrometres in diameter, 40 times smaller than a hair and it is capable of running through blood capillaries.

The peanut-shaped iron nano-robots can be energised by altering the magnetic field and offering high flexibility to collectively perform multiple tasks in a restricted surrounding. The led author also added that the scientists obtained a series of well-controlled, fast and reversible transformations by tuning the frequency of the rotating magnetic field and its polarisation in three-dimensional space,

As per the study the formation includes chain, liquid, vortex and ribbon. They are capable of forming narrow paths or channels to deliver heavy loads beyond a single robot's capability.

In addition, Prof Hui said the in the future the robotic system can be used to identify cells or even stay inside the body for health monitoring so that it will help to detect early-stage disease.