Health Insurance Made Easy: Jason Zuccari's BeneBee

Jason Zuccari

Health care can be very expensive. It can be an enormous financial burden. Surgery, emergency care, prescription drugs, lab work, scans, and examinations, these sorts of costs can add up quickly. The main point of a medical insurance plan for employees is to protect and support the health and well-being of staff, so they can remain active and productive members of your company. Other perks, like financial support or education benefits, are useful but employee medical insurance is often the most common addition to the salary offered around the world. Asking "Why is health insurance important as an employee benefit?" would have been a fair question one generation ago. But, as the workforce has developed and people are no longer willing to accept a poor work-life balance, the majority of companies now understand that it's not just a "nice to have", it's a necessity.

Jason Zuccari, the Vice President of Business Development for Hamilton Insurance Agency, has spent a large chunk of his career helping businesses determine which plan will provide the greatest benefit for their team. Zuccari is aware that finding an insurance policy on both ends can be tiresome. Additionally, this step can be the toughest part when onboarding and enrolling new employees. To find a solution for this problem, BeneBee was created. BeneBee is a mobile application that provides all the end-to-end services needed by employees and employers to understand the finer details of their health insurance policy and coverage. The benefits include the following: uniform virtual insurance cards that don't change even if your provider does, on-demand service representatives to walk you through administration hurdles, best pricing for prescriptions with comparative searches, and quality health care advice for patients via phone and videoconferencing.

Open enrollment can be a daunting experience. Employees often finish the process with more questions than when they started. Without fully understanding the benefit package that is available, employees aren't moved to try anything new during open enrollment and sign up for the same benefits year after year. As an employer, employee benefit education is the critical link to the employee placing "value" on the benefit they receive, which is directly tied to employee recruitment and attraction.

By developing strategies that positively impact employees' understanding of their benefit options, BeneBee ensures that everyone is engaged at open enrollment. There is no generic approach to educating employees, so BeneBee applies tactics that appeal to different learning styles and demographics. Additionally, BeneBee provides materials ahead of time to prepare employees for open enrollment. The process is simplified to make sure the resources are relevant and useful to workers. This is imperative when the employer doesn't have adequate internal staff to help with the process. It also provides employees with a source outside the company to discuss sensitive topics and ask any questions they may not feel comfortable asking the employer. Overall, BeneBee ensures that employers don't overspend on making a user-friendly experience for their teams.

The streamlining process doesn't just stop at worker enrollment. BeeLink Connect, also offered by Hamilton, is designed to help employers with the insurance management process much in the same way that BeneBee helps employees. Onboarding, tax reporting, invoicing, billing, data collection, and auditing is all handled by BeneLink Connect. BeneLink Connect offers the tools to assist in every aspect of insurance management.

It's about time that health insurance started modernizing. Tools are finally starting to emerge that can help mitigate the issues that health insurance poses.