Headless Body Falls out of Russian Cannibal's Car, Says he Just Wanted to Taste Human Flesh

A Russian cannibal was caught after a beheaded human body fell out of his car after a crash.

A Russian cannibal was detained after a headless body fell out of his car on the scene of a crash. Russian police found a decapitated body in a Mitsubishi that crashed at a fence and was left on the side of a highway in the Leningrad region on Saturday, November 20 morning, news agency Tass reported. The body had multiple stab wounds. A shovel and human blood were also found inside the car.

Three suspects were arrested later in the day in connection with the headless body. One of the arrested suspects, Yegor Komarov, 23, testified before the court two days later that he was a man-eater. The video of him confessing that he was a cannibal was leaked to social media and went viral in no time. "I nibbled to just take a taste," Yegor said in the video.

The interrogator asked Yegor if he was ready to eat human meat again, and he responded by asking if he had some. The beheaded body that fell out of the trunk of Yegor's car belonged to 50-year-old Arkad Kazyanin, an Armenian national and a resident of St. Petersburg. Yegor admitted to killing Arkad.

Yegor Arkad
Yegor Arkad Screen grab - Twitter

'Yegor killed and ate a person just to see what they tasted like'

In the viral video, Yegor also admitted to having killed and eaten a person in the past just to see what they 'tasted like.' The cannibal referred to the dead body of an unidentified 38-year-old broker while confessing to cannibalism in the past. The broker's body was found with multiple stab wounds inside a plastic drain pipe in the Sosnovka village of the Leningrad region last September.

Yegor hunted for victims in parks with no security cameras

The Daily Beast reported that Yegor not only admitted to killing and eating the broker but also showed the crime scene to the police. According to a well-known publication, Fontanka, Komarov told the police that he regretted murdering the broker as he was "not tasty." Yegor further noted that he hunted for victims in parks that had no security cameras. Fontanka reported that Yegor even confessed to cutting off a part of his victim's body, cooking and eating it at his home.

According to Online media 47news, when the police took Yegor's handcuffs off, he screamed that he can bite them to death. Police then thanked Komarov for his confession and put the handcuffs back.

This article was first published on November 28, 2021