HBW News honors Barack Obama, Deepika Padukone and Priya Shah Matchmaker

Priya Shah

HBW News has recognized and honored Priya Shah the matchmaker for achievement in the matchmaking service sector for Best Wedding Matchmaker. She has received the Global Achievers Award 2021 with other globally known celebrities like Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Deepika Padukone, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Deepika Padukone has become the first Indian actress to win this award. Priya Shah is a go-getter and a thought leader who believes in leading by example. As an Indian Matchmaker, she has revolutionized the way marriages were fixed earlier.

She got married at the age of 18 and it was an arranged marriage. She decided to step forward and bring changes to the arranged marriage system. She volunteered to find proper matches for people around her and was successful at it. She started it professionally in 1991 and charged only Rs. 251. Today, it's almost 30 years, She has been helping people find their soulmates. She did her Ph.D. in marriage counseling and has also written a book about marriages. She is honored to have received National and International Awards for her contribution to the matchmaking industry.

Matchmaking is a challenging industry where we meet all sorts of clients. She is proud to have happy clients. She hosts a monthly meetup for professionals like MBAs, CAs, Engineers, Doctors, and so on. Having arranged more than 9000 marriages so far, she is glad to organize this meetup every month for more than 200 families.

"I am a firm believer that matches are made in heaven. As a matchmaker, I take all the efforts to filter genuine people from fake ones. I provide complete biodata and pictures along with family details and addresses to the clients. I talk to the clients and find out their exact requirements and start working on the suitable matches. I fix the meeting between the matches till they connect and are ready for marriage", says Priya Shah.

She is more empathetic towards people and takes all the effort to find suitable matches for them. She has the immense industry knowledge and technical education to serve clients better. She was offered an Indian Matchmaking series on Netflix but she feels that marriage is a private affair between brides and grooms and their families. It's not ethical to reveal their confidential information, hence she turned the offer down. She doesn't differentiate between communities and caters to everyone across the globe. She has branches in Dubai, London, and Newyork. She also launched a wedding magazine, India's first wedding magazine launched by Dream Girl – Hemamalini.

HBW News is a global digital media platform that brings exclusive news stories from more than 30 countries in English, Spanish, French, and Hindi with a special focus on issues of national and international importance. Global Achievers Award 2021 is an initiative by HBW News to honor and recognize global leaders like Barack Obama, Priya Shah, and Deepika Padukone who have contributed to society and nation-building in their respective fields of work.