Hazime Initiates for Smokeless Tobacco Products through "Rebel"

Atef Raef Hazime

Finding quality tobacco products is a challenging task to accomplish, and that's why Tobacco International Inc. comes with premium quality tobacco products for its global customers. Atef Raef Hazime, founder and CEO of Tobacco Inc., comes with its brand called Rebel to help people choose smokeless tobacco products. Being known among the top entrepreneurs in the USA, Hazime always introduces innovative products.

Atef Hazime is a Lebanese entrepreneur who lives in the USA. He is known for starting and running various successful businesses in the USA, Middle East, China, and Africa. American Household, Tobacco International Inc., and Rebel are his top brands in the world of business. He was born in 1983 to a Lebanese family. Later he moved to the USA as a student. During his academic years in the USA, he started working at a gas station. But soon, he started a few businesses and grabbed success. He got his most significant win with "American Household". It was initially started as a small wholesale firm, but later it became famous as American Household store.

Apart from running American Household as the best business model in the USA, he started Tobacco International Inc. The main motto behind setting up Tobacco International Inc. is to help contemporary people choose premium-quality tobacco products. He always wanted to enjoy the American dream, and that's why he founded Tobacco International Inc. as a leading tobacco manufacturing company in the USA. With his hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial skills, Hazime could be able to make Tobacco International Inc. a global brand in the tobacco industry. Now, they distribute tobacco products throughout Africa, the Middle East, and the USA.

Now, Hazime initiates offering smokeless experiences to people around the world. With REBEL (A subsidiary of Tobacco International Inc.), he introduces a new range of premium quality tobacco products that provide a smokeless experience. According to Hazime, "We always dreamt about creating a smokeless future for our generations. Thus, we decided to introduce a new line of smokeless tobacco products through our brand Rebel".

Rebel offers smokeless premium-quality tobacco products when it comes to introducing smokeless nicotine pouches that come in different flavors. It means that customers can find white snus in different flavors to cater to their smoking requirements even without actually creating smoke. In simple words, Rebel helps people choose less-harmful tobacco products to lead a smoke-free life.

"We believe in making this world a smoke-free place to live in. That's why we have come with exclusive smokeless tobacco products, says Atef Raef Hazime. Tobacco International Inc. is certainly the top manufacturer of quality tobacco products. Tobacco International, along with Rebel, manufactures and distributes premium-quality tobacco products throughout the Middle East, Africa and USA.