Hawex – the transformation of the fintech industry and WEB 3.0


Cryptocurrency is getting closer to becoming a full-fledged financial asset in business, and then in everyday life. Overcoming the limitations of the classical banking system, the cryptocurrency world is integrated into the metaverse as its key link. Existing Web 3.0 technologies form an entry point for users and businesses in the new online era of financial processes.

Hawex IO is a financial ecosystem that simplifies the interaction of entrepreneurs with each other in the field of global financial services. First of all, we are talking about high-loaded banking operations for businesses and the efficient use of existing technological resources.

Hawex services: vector for quality and quantity

Fintech company Hawex IO provides two main types of services in the financial market – retail banking products (account opening, cryptoprocessing, Internet acquiring connection for business) and comprehensive solutions, including development (SaaS) and legal support for opening a company for a client. The complex service allows the client to enter the financial technology market with their crypto exchange, PSP, exchange platform or card product in a short time with a minimum budget.

Hawex IO products meet different user's needs: from everyday things, such as paying for goods and services with cryptocurrency, to business needs. To date, the most popular services are those that provide a seamless connection between fiat and cryptocurrency. For example, Hawex products give its users the opportunity to top up their account with fiat, and send a transfer in cryptocurrency and vice versa.

The development of Hawex services is aimed at expanding the range of offers that meet the current needs of users. The company is studying the needs in the market in order to identify and develop services that will be included in the B2B architecture of the bank. Maintaining quality while increasing the number of offers is ensured by outsourcing and scaling the number of partners and providers with whom Hawex provides its financial services.

Hawex applies a wide range of technologies since the company provides users not only with classic banking services, but also services from the Web3.0 world, such as blockchain, open API technology for seamless banking integrations, and modern modules for conducting KYC of the Hawex users. Using the same API products allows to optimize time and speed up the process of integrating users and businesses into the financial technology market.

Hawex and decentralization in Web 3.0

Web3.0 is a rapidly developing concept of the future of the Internet, which is based on the concept of decentralization, which will allow individuals to own and manage sections of the global network. Naturally, decentralized finance is an important component of Web 3.0 today. Web 3.0 technologies remove a single point of centralization and create a point of trust in the financial and near-financial areas of human life.

Over the past decades, a number of significant problems have been identified in the financial industry. The most notable issue for the user in the activities of the classical banking segment is the lack of transparency. The closed infrastructure of banks does not allow the user to track, for example, the transfer of liquidity from one product to another, the movement of these funds is not displayed and, accordingly, remains invisible to the client. On the one hand, it can be useful to speed up the internal work processes of the bank, but on the other hand, in some cases it leads to losses of funds not only for the banks but also for depositors.

"Web3.0 technologies in Hawex help to significantly reduce the likelihood of errors due to the human factor and provide a transparent infrastructure for financial transactions," says Hawex CEO Romans Nekrutenko.

Hawex creates conditions for its clients under which it is possible to implement Web 3.0 technologies both in existing businesses and in qualitatively new projects. Hawex, for example, can write smart contracts or services based on smart contracts from scratch, or integrate various investment mechanics to conduct an investment round. Additionally, the company is implementing complex projects that help the client to transfer the financial processes of their business to the world of Web3.0, accelerating the turnover of funds and facilitating the effective implementation of new payment mechanics.

Web 3.0 technologies are significantly transforming the financial industry through the decentralization of information storage tools. Any data that gets into a certain register remains in it forever, and can easily be audited. Accordingly, it is difficult to falsify information about payment transactions, which ensures the trust of financial and near-financial institutions and businesses.
"Greater transparency and the ability to audit records entered into the blockchain represents a significant advantage of the Web3.0 world today. The functionality of Web3.0 transforms the financial market," emphasizes Romans Nekrutenko.

Integration of finance into the metaverse with Web 3.0 and Hawex

The second significant argument in favor of Web 3.0 technologies is the convenience of their applied use. Hawex provides the user with products that allow to speed up payment processes, and takes over integrations with partner banks and payment organizations. This allows the user to automate their business logic and make different payment scenarios.

For example, by creating a certain smart contract and connecting to the blockchain, which is accepted as an industry standard, you can avoid the need to conduct dozens of integrations. Hawex IO optimizes the software in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the functioning of its operating systems for users.

Hawex aims to develop and continuously improve its ecosystem to create a seamless connection between the cryptocurrency world and the fiat world. The conditions of the modern market and user requests form a set of tasks and requirements that must be followed to create a competitive product. In the financial technology market, Hawex stands out for its comprehensive approach and the desire to adapt software to the user's needs as much as possible. Cryptoprocessing and Internet acquiring services, the reliable user-friendly offer of Hawex Mobile are only part of the services offered by the company.

The full potential of Web3.0 has not yet been revealed, much is under development, and today 70% of the created technologies are connected with payments and payment systems. They facilitate business processes related to the transfer and sale of funds.

Thanks to the active integration of Web 3.0 technologies into its developments, Hawex creates an ecosystem for users to conduct barrier-free business with partners around the world.