Hawaiian Airlines plane in emergency landing at Tokyo, several flights cancelled

There were 293 passengers along with several crew members, but no one was injured.

A Hawaiian Airlines flight to Honolulu made an emergency landing in Tokyo early on Monday, bursting its tyres and forcing the closure of a runway.

Japan's national broadcasting organisation NHK reported that flight HA 458, which departed from Tokyo's Haneda airport around midnight, returned to Japan due to an abnormality with its hydraulics system.

NHK said that the Airbus 330 made an emergency landing at one of the runways at Haneda around 1:30 am (1630 GMT). There were 293 passengers along with several crew members. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun said that no one was injured.

As the plane landed, eight of its 10 tyres burst and some oil leaked onto the runway.

The officials expected that the runway would remain closed until late morning. At least 14 domestic Japan Airline flights were cancelled and many other flights were delayed.

The transport ministry and the officials from the Hawaiian Airlines could not be reached immediately for comment.