Hawaii prepares for possible first attack by North Korea

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As tensions between the US and North Korea escalate to new heights, Hawaii has started serious preparations for a possible missile strike. Hawaii is the easiest assailable target for North Korea, and if a war breaks out, the belligerent regime, in all probabilities will fire a missile at the island cluster, the way Japan targeted Pearl Harbor in 1941. On December 2, Hawaii has also blown its nuclear attack warning siren for the first time since the end of Cold War.

Hawaii taking serious precautions

For the past one month, Hawaii officials have aired TV ads featuring steps, which should be taken during a possible nuclear attack. The advertisement asks people to 'get inside and stay inside' during the outbreak of the war. The Government officials are also holding meetings all across the island to inform the citizens about the threats posed by Kim Jong-un's nation.

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Vern Miyagi, the state's Emergency Management Agency administrator told the Mercury news that Hawaii could not ignore the constant threats and missile threats from North Korea.

Earlier, officials have worried about public panic as the island is preparing for a possible nuclear strike. According to Miyagi, the public is handling the situation well, and the officials are busy sharing all the information they know about the present crisis.

Hawaii, the primary target of Kim Jong-un?

Hawaii is just 4600 miles away from North Korea which makes it the most assailable target for Pyongyang. Until now, North Korea has not issued any specific threat to Hawaii, but experts believe that if a war outbreaks in the future, the primary target will be Hawaii for Kim Jong-un's regime.

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Kim Jong-un has previously warned about an attack on Guam, but his self-imposed deadline passed uneventfully, as Donald Trump threatened a military retaliation if Kim makes such a move.

A couple of weeks ago, North Korea tested 'Hwasong-15', an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile which is capable of traveling more than 8000 miles in a flat trajectory which makes Washington DC an assailable target.

This article was first published on December 18, 2017