Have My Room Is Solving Non-Refundable Accommodation Problems For Travelers With Their 'Customer First' Business Model

Have my room

Hotels' limited to non-existent cancellation timeline policies is unfavourable and obtuse to unexpected changes or emergencies people encounter. Before or even during a trip, a loved one could fall ill. Still, the remaining days on the reservation are hardly ever fully reimbursed or even credited for later usage. The "customers come first. We care. We ensure a relaxing experience." spile only serves true when the customer can monetarily benefit the hotels. The Have My Room app prioritizes people over profit. Its innovative business model for reselling non-refundable bookings makes luxury hotels accessible to travellers looking for an exclusive deal, while additionally providing the original guest with a majority refund.

Have My Room believes people should not endure the financial penalty for uncontrollable life events. One of the company's fundamental values is "the customer is the boss, and customer service trumps everything." Its round the clock team is available, without any delays or long holds. Have My Room makes travel effortless, and if a problem emerges, they handle it immediately.

"I sometimes say that we sell priceless memories called 'vacations,'" CEO Antoine Poll said. "Have My Room is committed to providing ease from start to finish. For those cancelling, instead of letting your hard-earned money go to waste, you simply sign up on our app and place an ad for the booked room and wait for our magic to come to the rescue. Have My Room connects travellers looking for the best hotel deals and transfers ownership to the new guest for a reduced price. It's a win for everyone."

Poll's experience within Marriott hotel and RCI (Timeshare Exchange rental) helped push the concept and establish partnerships with over 300 (and growing) top-rated hotels. Have My Room recently marked an agreement with Impala and Rakuten for even greater options on exclusive properties. Poll's team is resilient when it comes to getting hotels to agree to this new system, and are eager to cover 98 per cent of hotels worldwide.

"This is also a win-win situation for hotels, as replacement guests can not only check out the hotel, but they will likely spend on room service, hotel dinners, and more," Poll said. "More importantly, they may become future clients of the brands in question because the new guests would have enjoyed, first hand, the fine level of services at any given property. Replacement guests are the best word of mouth as they, too, can tell their friends and family for future recommendations."

Have My Room is solving a decade long burden by returning to the foundation of hospitality. This platform has loyal employees dedicated to faultless customer assistance. Recently, one of Have My Room's users arrived for their stay at Zaya Nurai but could not locate their confirmation number, to which the app support team resolved the matter in seconds. Have My Room acts as a concierge. The team advises its users on entertainment options, dining spots, and more. Have My Room's staff are largely ardent travellers like Poll, so they are specialists on the locations available on the app.

"Being a frequent traveller made me realize that our industry can do much better with the technology at our disposal," Poll said. "We have an unyielding drive to create unforgettable experiences for our users so they can pass their memories on to the generations that follow. At Have My Room, we love booking vacations ourselves and taking those well-deserved breaks, so we truly are passionate about the business."