Trump Trails in Pennsylvania, All Eyes on Biden's Chances to Take a Big Leap Next

Votes are still being counted in Pennsylvania. The state has 20 electoral votes and the difference between Trump and Biden is narrow in the state

Currently, Pennsylvania has become the bone of contention between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the United States of America. With counting of votes still in process, Trump is currently trailing in Pennsylvania though the difference between him and Biden is narrow. Whoever wins the Penn State will add 20 points to their Electoral College tally.

Currently, Biden has 264 Electoral College seats whereas Trump has been successful in getting 214. As the candidate who gets 270 votes becomes the winner of the election, results from Pennsylvania are considered important since it can give America its winner. If Biden wins Pennsylvania where he has managed to go ahead of Trump, he will cross the needed majority numbers easily.

Biden vs Trump
As per latest polls, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a slender lead over Republican nominee Donald Trump ahead of the November 3 election Wikimedia Commons

What is Happening in Pennsylvania?

Currently, according to Associated Press stats, Trump has secured 49.6 percent votes [3,308,192] whereas Biden has got 49.2 percent votes [3,337,069]. Trump who was leading with 166,000 votes against Biden is now trailing behind with nearly 30,000 votes. Mail-in votes are still being counted and current trend shows majority of people voting in mail have shown their support to Biden. This has made Trump anxious and Biden supporters relieved.

The situation is tense outside counting booths in Pennsylvania. According to latest reports, two men have been detained outside a counting booth at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Reports claim that one of them traveled from Virginia to Philadelphia with a plan to carry out an attack at the convention center where votes are being counted. Arms have been seized from the duo.

Difference between Trump and Biden is shrinking in Georgia too. Currently, Trump had a marginal lead but now Biden is leading with 2,456,845 votes, and Trump has secured 2,452,825 votes. Latest development claims that Biden has won Arizona with 1,528,319 votes where Trump managed to secure 1,482,062 votes.

Biden has claimed victory in Wisconsin and Michigan too. Votes are being counted in Georgia [16 electoral votes], Nevada [6 electoral votes], North Carolina [15 electoral votes] and it looks like winning Pennsylvania will pave the way for Biden to enter the White House.

However, with Trump repeatedly claiming voter fraud, and warning to move the Supreme Court to stop the remaining votes from being counted, one will have to wait before speculating the winner in the US elections 2020.

This article was first published on November 6, 2020
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