Has Mila Kunis given a divorce ultimatum to Ashton Kutcher?

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher
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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are not on good terms and the couple has decided to take that final fatal step of divorcing each other.

Life&Style magazine has reported that the couple's marriage has been in trouble for nearly four years now and that they have reached the "crossroads" in their relationship. An unnamed source told the magazine that unable to bear it anymore, Mila has given Ashton an ultimatum.

"She wants Ashton to go to," the source added. But Ashton does not seem to bother about the ultimatum that his wife has given him. Firstly, he believes that nothing is wrong with himself, so he does not see the need to go for counselling. The outlet reports that upon seeing Ashton's unwillingness to fight for their marriage is the real problem that Mila Kunis is facing.

"Her married friends and even some of her friends who aren't married are in counselling... There's no stigma about it, but Ashton says he's just not into it or he's just too busy," the source said about the couple's fight. It has also been reported that Ashton has suggested Mila Kunis renew their vows but she does not want that for it would be like "putting a Band-Aid on their problems."

The source further revealed that previously when the couple had fights they Kunis would threaten to leave and then they would take some time away from each other. "Their issues are always bubbling under the surface. And sweeping them under a rug is not a solution for Mila," the tipster added.

But the above report has been claimed to be false. Gossip Cop has debunked the story by pointing out that the source is unreliable and also how they never really explain what exactly is the problem that is brewing between the two.

And adding to that, when Gossip Cop got in touch with a representative of Mila Kunis, they right away denied any such event ever happened. The rep. further confirmed that Mila Kunis is not asking Ashton Kutcher to go for any therapy nor have they even thought about getting a divorce.

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