Has "Digital Branding" Replaced Marketing? Alex McCurry's Media Empire

Alex McCurry

The continued growth of the internet coupled with a rise in the popularity of social media has opened up a world of new economic opportunities for individuals and companies. A novel market based on digital branding and marketing has become increasingly appealing, and is growing exponentially every year. And with its introduction, companies and individual entrepreneurs alike are fighting to get to the front and tap into this new field. One young entrepreneur has recently stood out from the eager masses, Alex McCurry. And Alex isn't just working in digital branding, he's shaping the market himself.

While other high schoolers were playing video games and complaining about AP classes, Alex was building a name for himself, and a successful business. Only 19 years old, he has already founded and established his firm and Media Company, Astra Holdings, valued at over a million dollars, has an over 500 million follower international Instagram network at his command, and can cite relationships with dozens of celebrity icons and VIP clients. In short, Alex has built a media empire. But for him, it isn't about fame or money. He's an entrepreneur, with a passion for creating services that people need and building authentic relationships. This was evident as he told us, " All of my businesses are very relationship oriented. The strategic partnerships we have formed have reaped long-term gains that go far beyond the traditional interpretation of ROI. The networking and relationships I build mean everything to me, they will always be a focal point of whatever I do."

And while this may come as unbelievable to many, Alex has a plethora of famous and credible sources to back him up. With media influencer clients such as @Jefo, Jake Paul, and YouTube star Adrian Gee, he knows how to handle stars, and get them exactly what they need. But on top of those in the entertainment business, Alex's business has made its way into the leaders of all industries. Take Stanley Litow, for example. A Vice President at IBM and an esteemed professor at Columbia and Duke University, Litow has trusted Alex and his services to help further his digital brand. And he is always up to the task. His clients consistently report success stories - though for confidentiality purposes we can't mention them all here.

Now an internationally recognized expert in both social media management and serial brand building, Alex operates like a well-oiled machine. Through Astra and his personal connections, clients have access to social media growth, top of the line PR, speciality digital branding and social media services, viral activations, and proprietary brand development strategies. Remember that new field we were talking about? Well Alex is dominating it.

About his plans for the future Alex shared, "As far as Astra is concerned, we are hoping to continue our expansion both with the services we provide and with the clients we service. Additionally we've been eyeing some opportunities to make some strategic acquisitions to help further our prospects for growth and capabilities for serving our clients. On a personal level I have been getting involved with several philanthropic efforts amidst the Covid-19 epidemic. "

So while other individuals and companies try to scale their business through traditional methods, he continues to expand and diversify his own tools and portfolio through unique and strategic moves. Alex McCurry has a powerful tool at his disposal, his understanding of successful digital branding has allowed him to put a plethora of individuals and institutions on the map has allowed him to advance in his field more quickly than even he could have imagined. With new opportunities on the horizon, we can be sure Alex will continue to dominate digital.

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