Harvard graduate and TEA Worldwide CEO discusses modern entrepreneurship

Alesh Ancira

"As far back as I can remember, I´ve always been focused on a dream." –Alesh Ancira affirms.

The dream the young and accomplished chief executive is referring to is his own ultra exclusive boutique PR and strategic marketing firm, TEA Worldwide – a company with offices in Mexico, Beverly Hills, London and New Zealand.

In just under a decade, Mr. Ancira´s Company has risen from underground status to undisputable corporate superstardom, landing marquee global accounts like A-list, multi-award winning music legend, Akon.

On the luxury goods and hospitality side, The Eclectic Agency is responsible for the flawless architecture and defying methodology behind swiss luxury timepiece brand Ratel Geneve´s consolidation as a major independent player in the over saturated global luxury goods marketplace, simultaneously, Mr. Ancira and his junior partners Ivan Medina (international creative director) and Karla Vazquez (operations manager) have successfully conquered the most exclusive business verticals such as private air travel, luxury vehicles, consumer electronics and upscale hospitality; Successfully executing a myriad of disruptive and highly effective strategic campaigns for leading brands such as Cadillac, Hard Rock Hotels, Jet Card, Samsung Mobile, Nobu Hotels and Founders Investment Society among countless others.

Set against the backdrop of increasingly volatile market conditions, a handful of proven independent companies like The Eclectic Agency have found the formula to thrive by actively assisting big and small clients alike.

"Without empathy, respect and a profound sense of gratitude towards a client´s business and the trust they place upon us we would not be able to be as efficient as we are. Our company philosophy is to provide an all-encompassing service, always empowering our clients." –Mr. Ancira states.

After successfully completing a Harvard University executive education program in Cambridge, Massachusetts and experiencing a pronounced growth curve in his firm´s quarterly performance, Alesh and his executive team have been able to conquer over sixteen key international markets; However the young CEO doesn´t attribute his company´s success to any external factor, he´s quick to acknowledge that in fact, it is the superior work ethic that every single associate practices on a daily basis - in keeping with his mother, Patricia Ancira´s lifelong teachings - what´s responsible for TEA´s tremendous success, the secret ingredient to a winning formula.

For Alesh, his mother and mentor has been an inexhaustible source of guidance and inspiration throughout his life and professional career:

"I grew up witnessing my mother´s unwavering commitment towards improving people´s lives, especially those less fortunate than us. She taught me the true meaning of success, which is the ability to provide a helping hand and relieve some of the pain others are dealing with." –he says with a smile.

While modern society continues to undergo massive adjustments and people from all walks of life strive to find their place within a shifting global order, visionary entrepreneurs like Mr. Ancira continue to change the paradigm, effectively reshaping the status quo on a global level.