Is Harry Styles Selling His 'Sexuality Issue' to Gain Fan Following?

The ongoing controversy over the "sexuality" of the singer, songwriter and actor Harry Styles has thickened with him saying no to having had relationships with "just women" during a recent interview with Brittany Spanos.

It is being said that the singer-actor is creating doubts about his sexuality so as to gain popularity and fan following. Till now, there was no mention of him being interested in men but suddenly he has started denying being involved with women whom he was seen with.

Harry Styles

Ambiguity Over Sexuality Suits Styles as His Fans Are Always Guessing

A report published by CNN referred to Styles's statement wherein he said, "Sometimes people say, 'You've only publicly been with women,' and I don't think I've publicly been with anyone. If someone takes a picture of you with someone, it doesn't mean you're choosing to have a public relationship or something." Also, Styles agreed to public curiosity with his sexuality as he discussed about his role as a gay police officer in his next movie, "My Policeman".

A faction of social media followers believe that sexuality is a private issue and that Styles should keep it to himself but he refrains from doing so and makes it public so that fans should keep guessing. Some people even stated that Styles has a "queer persona" as a celebrity.

"yall i hate harry styles so much he exploits his deliberate ambiguous sexuality by wearing gnc / feminine outfits- which he gets praised for by straight ppl bc he isn't openly queer, in which case he would be mocked for it," observed a Twitter user.

Another Twitter user expressed his feelings adding, "i'm so 50/50 on harry styles and is sexuality. on one hand i do believe no one should be forced to come out if they don't want to/aren't ready to but then also you can't hide behind being 'unlabelled' in order to continually profit off the LGBTQ community."

A tweet read, "Many people for years have speculated his mantra on sexuality to be a gimmick—while he doesn't owe anyone his truth, it would undoubtly help so many queer fans. HS seems honest but his track record sings a different tune. I just feel like people should know for sure."