Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner
Harry Styles is single at the moment Reuters

One Direction star Harry Styles, who is well known for being tight-lipped about his love life, revealed he is single at the moment. The 23-year-old singer admitted he is focusing on his career right now.

During an interview on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, he said: "I haven't dated in a long time really because I went away to do the movie (Dunkirk) then did the album so I haven't in a while. I have a couple of candles left still though."

When asked if it is difficult to date as a celebrity, he explained: "I don't know, maybe. I feel like with all of the stuff how people date now with all online stuff I feel like you can do that (Google) with anyone really. If you're looking at someone's profile before seeing them it's kinda the same...

He added: "I used to (research dates), then I said I'm not going to do that anymore, it's impossible to go in without a perception of someone and you've never met them and I started feeling like that was wrong and weird."

Styles shared a high profile relationship with American television personality/model Kendall Jenner and American singer Taylor Swift.

Jenner and Styles were first linked in November 2014 when they were spotted having a dinner date at Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood. However, they split after dating for three months.