Harry Styles had secret affair with air hostess Megan Smith?

Harry Styles had a brief fling with American air hostess Megan Smith.

Harry Styles allegedly had a brief fling with American air hostess Megan Smith. The two apparently met during the band's On The Road Again tour.

"Harry and Megan first met on the plane when she was hired as one of One Direction's private air hostesses. They really bonded on the plane and things turned romantic quickly. They went on a number of dates and hit it off," a source told The Sun.

"But unlike many of Harry's flings, this actually got really serious. He supported Megan through some tough times in her life and started referring to her as his girlfriend. Megan never asked him about other women because she accepted he was a rock star but she was madly in love and believed Harry felt the same," the insider added.

Meanwhile, in January, Styles was romantically linked to American television personality/model Kendall Jenner. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and Styles sparked romance reports after they were spotted getting intimate on a yacht at St Barts.

"It's not always easy, but I don't know, I just like to keep my private life private," Jenner told ET about her dating life. "I try my best, but at the same time, I try not to let being out with someone affect my everyday life. Like, if I want to go out and grab a smoothie with a friend who's a male, I'm not gonna let the paparazzi stop me from doing that and living my life and just being a normal person.

"I try to keep things as private as I can, but when it comes to a point, it's just not a big deal," she added.