Harry Potter cafe in Singapore: Drink from Goblet of Fire, have Chocolate Frog

The cafe Platform 1094 at 1094 Serangoon road, offers food and drinks inspired by the Rowling cult novels.

Harry Potter themed cafe

Ever since the Harry Potter series culminated in 2011 with the last movie of the franchise -- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 -- we all have been missing little doses of the magical world of Hogwarts every year.

Well, even if JK Rowling is not coming up with any other novels, this Harry Potter-themed cafe in Singapore helps fans around the globe to take a trip down the memory lane and once again relive the fantasy world of magic, potions and spells.

The cafe is opened by Fresh Fruits Lab and this is their second Harry Potter-themed cafe with the first one being in Pakistan, inaugurated last summer.

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The cafe, Platform 1094, opened at 1094 Serangoon road, near Boon Keng MRT. It offers food and drinks inspired by the cult novels and will sure make any Potter fan skips a heartbeat. The main attraction of the cafe is the Goblet of Fire drink which actually lights on fire and gives out crackling sparkles just like what we saw in the movie.

Another famous dish from the cafe is the desert which looks like a rusty cauldron often mentioned in the books and shown in the movies.

When we are talking about food that is inspired by Harry Potter, how can the iconic chocolate frog be far behind? Yes, the cafe offers you cupcakes with the chocolate frog, that drove Ron Weasley crazy in the Hogwarts Express, sitting on top with a mischievous grin.

About the decor, the cafe has seats with Harry's Patronus and the menu card looks like one of the old scrolls seen in Professor McGonagall's hand. Moreover, the food comes with magic wand and elves wish you Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas!

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