Harry Potter Actor Robbie Coltrane Cause of Death Revealed

Robbie Coltrane, who passed away on October 14, is said to have suffered painful health problems like sepsis, lower respiratory tract infection and a heart block.

A death certificate reveals that the Harry Potter actor who played the role of Hagrid died from a number of conditions including multiple organ failure. The 72-year-old had been diagnosed with obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Reports say Coltrane had been unwell for some time. He died on October 14.

Robbie Coltrane

An Exceptional Actor

Coltrane, born Anthony Robert McMillan, was a veteran Scottish actor and comedian who starred in various films such as Van Helsing (2004), Ocean's Twelve (2004), National Treasure (2016), The World is Not Enough (1999), and The Gruffalo (2009), among others.

Daniel Radcliffe, who played the titular character Harry Potter, remembered Coltrane as a magical cast member. He described Robbie as one of the funniest people he ever met. "I've especially fond memories of him keeping our spirits up on Prisoner of Azkaban when we were all hiding from the torrential rain for hours in Hagrid's hut and he was telling stories and cracking jokes to keep morale up," Radcliffe said in a statement. "I feel incredibly lucky that I got to meet and work with him, and very sad that he's passed away. He was an incredible actor and a lovely man."

Rupert Grint, who played Ron in the Harry Potter movies, took to Instagram to share his grieve. "Heartbroken to hear that Robbie is gone. I'll never forget the smell of cigars and beard glue – a wonderful combination," he said. "No one else on this planet could have played Hagrid, only Robbie. Just as Hagrid was in the books and films, Robbie was in life warm, compassionate and hilarious. A giant-hearted man who was still looking out for us even decades later. Sending love to his family. See you on the other side Bobser."

Robbie Coltrane
Harry Potter films

Emma Watson, who played the character Hermione, said Robbie was like the most fun uncle she ever had. "Most of all, he was deeply caring and compassionate towards me as a child and an adult. His talent was so immense that it made sense he played a giant – he could fill any space with his brilliance."

At one stage in his life Coltrane used to be a heavy drinker and claimed to drink a bottle of whiskey a day. The veteran actor has once said that booze is his undoing. "I can drink a gallon of beer and not feel the least bit drunk." He also had his struggles with drugs, and often overate leading to his obesity. Late actor John Sessions, who was Coltrane's good friend, had once described him as a strong self-destructive streak, and a deep, driving melancholy.