Harrowing Video Shows Bull Escaping Holding Pen and Charging at Crowd as Spectators Run for Their Lives at Florida State Fair

A rodeo crowd witnessed a scary scene as a bull escaped its holding pen and ran around the stadium, leaving spectators screaming and running for their lives during a Florida State Fair this weekend. A harrowing video shows the bull suddenly making an appearance and vaulting through the stands where spectators were seated.

Parents were terrified that the bull might lunge towards them as they tried to shield their children.

However, a handler on a horseback succeeded in roping the bull that resulted in a loud round of applause. The video clip seems like a scene out of a Hollywood movie, wherein, the hero enters on a horseback and emerges a savior. Social media users have since hailed the handler a hero.

Bull escapes holding pin

The Rodeo Events Must be Discontinued; Social Media

The video has gone viral on social media and users have blamed the organizers for the near-fatal accident, demanding a ban on such events. They stated that this is not the first time that such an incident has occurred adding that it will continue to happen till the time these animals are not freed from this "torture" in the name of sport.

The critics of the event have also gained support from animal rights activists who feel that these "games" involving animals should be banned as such events subject animals to cruelty.

A report published by Fox News stated that no one in the stands was hurt during the incident, adding that the rodeo was put on by Gus Trent Horse Ranch.

A Twitter user wrote, "Florida State Fair: Bull escapes holding pin at rodeo, runs around stadium THE RODEO IS NO DIFFERENT THAN THE CIRCUS ! DO YOU BLAME THE BULL? @peta please fight against this obvious animal abuse that's so plainly in our face !"

Another Twitter user shared the video of the incident and wrote, "A bull escaped from it pen into a crowd at a rodeo at the Florida State Fair, causing a panic over the weekend."