Harrowing Moment Gender Reveal Party Turns into Tragedy after Plane Crashes Killing Pilot in Front of Cheering Guests [WATCH]

The aircraft continued its uncontrollable spiral descent, passing by the palm trees in the backdrop of the couple's picturesque moment in the town of San Pedro, Sinaloa.

A gender reveal party took a tragic turn when a small plane suddenly nosedived, resulting in the pilot's death. The guests at the party remained unaware of the unfolding tragedy and continued to cheer despite the shocking incident happening right above them.

In a video shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Sunday, the unidentified joyful couple is seen holding hands in front of a large illuminated sign that reads "Oh Baby." They are surrounded by their friends and family in the video when the plane which is seen playing over them suddenly comes crashing down, while the couple continues to celebrate the gender reveal.

Party Turns into Tragedy

Gender reveal tragedy
The plane seen nosediving after at gender reveal Twitter

The delighted couple hired a small aircraft to fly by and drop either pink or blue colored powder to indicate the gender of their unborn child while they were celebrating their pregnancy with relatives and friends in Sinaloa, Mexico.

The pregnant couple, who were waiting next to an "Oh baby" sign, were informed they were expecting a daughter as pink smoke from the plane's fuselage was discharged as it drew near them.

Shrills and joyful cheers broke out as the loved-up pair kissed beneath the pink remnants on September 2.

The Piper PA-25-235 Pawnee aircraft, however, suddenly soared upward at the same time that one of its wings disintegrated in midair.

The aircraft continued its uncontrollable spiral descent, passing by the palm trees in the backdrop of the couple's picturesque moment in the town of San Pedro, Sinaloa.

Unaware of the unfolding tragedy, the couple remained locked in an embrace while their family members extended their congratulations.

Gender reveal tragedy
The plane seen approaching while the couple stands on the ground before it crashed Twitter

The pilot, identified as Luis Angel N., 32, was the sole occupant of the small plane, as reported by local media.

He was found amid the wreckage following the crash. He was rushed to hospital where he sadly died, according to the Aviation Safety Network.

Party Ends in Tragic Death

Clips of the tragic moment have since gone viral on social media, with an image of what is believed to be the badly damaged aircraft showing the extent of the crash.

Gender reveal tragedy
The plane seen dropping pink powder while the guests cheering without noticing that it was about to crash Twitter

Video footage from beyond the garden where the gender reveal party was taking place shows the plane's turbulent path through the sky before its eventual crash. The aircraft, still releasing pink powder, descended past a parking lot before ultimately making contact with the ground.

This unfortunate incident is not the first instance of an elaborate gender reveal party turning tragic. In recent years, people have devised increasingly creative—and at times perilous—methods to announce the gender of their baby to their loved ones.

In a tragic incident that occurred in October 2019 in rural Iowa, a grandmother named Pamela Kreimeyer, aged 56, lost her life during a gender reveal party. The accident happened when the family constructed a homemade pipe bomb to disperse colored powder as part of the gender reveal celebration.

Gender reveal tragedy
The plane seen nosediving behind the palm trees before it crashed killing the pilot in front of the oblivious guests Twitter

The explosion resulted in shrapnel flying through the air at her home in Iowa. Unfortunately, Pamela Kreimeyer was struck in the head by a piece of metal that had traveled 45 feet, killing her instantly.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office confirmed that the family had been experimenting with various explosive materials for the event. They had planned to share the reveal on social media for their loved ones.

The setup involved placing gunpowder in the bottom of a homemade stand that was welded to a metal base plate, which ultimately led to the unfortunate and devastating accident.

Gender reveal tragedy
The remains of the plane after the fatal crash Twitter

A hole was drilled into the side of the setup to accommodate a fuse. Subsequently, a piece of wood was positioned atop the gunpowder, with colored powder placed on top of the board.

It appears that in an unfortunate oversight, tape was then wrapped over the metal tubing, unintentionally creating a dangerous device akin to a pipe bomb.